Lewis Griffiths

Business Development Manager

Lewis loves to chat which makes him the perfect candidate for our sales team. With an eye for Chinese culture, he is heading up our business in Southeast Asia.

About Lewis

Lewis is an avid traveller and loves delving into a multitude of different ventures. He is consistently determined to develop both professionally and personally to avoid remaining stagnant and is always trying to grow his expertise. Whilst travelling he not only fostered a love of exploring and self-improvement, but also a fascination with and appreciation of cultural exchange. Enjoying China, he committed to working and living in Shanghai for a year as an English teacher furthering his passion for and working within the education industry.

Lewis studied Media at University, setting him on a path of cultural exploration, whilst broadening his varied skill set and enhancing his already present love of film.

Lewis’s role model is his own mother who has, in his words, “always had the ability to put others’ needs in front of her own, and perpetually possesses the capability to see and encourage the best in people with the willingness, calmness and patience to help them grow.”