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Laja Schutzer-Weissmann

Head of Operations and Finance - Laja is currently on Maternity Leave

Before joining Role Models, Laja worked for a digital agency in Berlin for 6 years in business development and operations positions.

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About Laja Schutzer-Weissmann

Laja loves to play sports and being outdoors. As native Austrian she is a keen skier and mountaineer who also loves travelling. She lived and worked in Hong Kong and Singapore for more than 5 years in project management and communications positions and completed an INSEAD MBA in Fontainebleau in summer 2013.

Laja’s Role Model is her grandmother, a keen sportswoman who raised 9 children in post-war Germany. At age 99, she is a courageous and generous woman who is steadfast in her beliefs and not easily discouraged from her ventures.