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Easter Life Skills and Academic Boarding Course

Learn more about our Life Skills & Academic Boarding Camp held over Easter 2020 for children aged 8-18. Book flexibly for 1, 2 or 3 weeks, depending on your needs. Secure your place now, by paying a deposit of 500GBP per child. You can then arrange to pay the full amount in instalments if you contact [email protected]

Click here for the Easter Residential Brochure (English).

Click here for the Easter Residential Brochure (Chinese).

The Oratory School
Reading, Oxfordshire, RG8 0PJ

27.03.20 - 20.04.20



Develop essential life skills and a growth mindset during a fun, inspiring and unforgettable fortnight

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Benefits of Role Models Courses

We help children think, feel
and behave differently





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Leading with Life Skills

The key skills that we teach ensure students are prepared not only for the challenges of life but help them thrive within a dynamic, global environment. They are also proven to have a positive impact on academic attainment.

We are offering a unique opportunity for international students over the Easter period. Our boarding camp will combine life skills training sessions, study time, tutoring, excursions and lots of fun and inspiring activities to ensure children can make the most out of their holidays.

Each week has a unique focus on essential life skills that form the basis of a successful academic and professional career including Leadership & Teamwork, Resilience & Growth Mindset, Critical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving.

Why we focus on Life Skills

Life skills are not just useful for character development, they are also linked to:

  • Greater wellbeing as adults
  • Reduced mental illness
  • Better school results
  • Preparing students for the life of work
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Course Outcomes

  • Prepare for upcoming exams and the summer term.
  • Make the most of additional study and tutoring time with access to Keystone Tutors and Holland Park Education, two of London’s finest tutoring agencies.
  • Development of Life Skills, to be used socially, in school and in preparation for future working life.
  • Development of a “Growth Mindset”. This supports problem solving and shows students the link between achievement and effort, which in turn helps obtain better and more solid academic results.
  • Understanding that effective team-work means the strength of a team is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Enjoyment from making new friends and experiencing new cultures in beautiful surroundings.

Role Models is committed to social action. For every ten places booked, we offer one free place to a child who would not otherwise have access to our courses.

Course Breakdown Questions

Spaces are limited! Therefore, please follow below steps to book and secure a place on this unique opportunity.

  1. Step 1: Pay a deposit of 500 GBP per child, through our website. Important: without a deposit, we cannot guarantee you a place on the camp.
  2. Step 2: Fill out this webform to specify:
    • Exact length of stay
    • Information and details about your child
  3. Step 3: Pay the outstanding amount which we will communicate to you via email after you paid the deposit and filled out the form. You are able to pay in instalments if required.

Students have the option of attending the camp in week-long blocks or for the entire period.

The prices indicated below include accommodation, meals, Life Skills sessions, 3 x 3 hour long English language sessions each week, afternoon activities and a weekly excursion.

  • £1,500 incl. VAT for 1 week
  • £2,750 incl. VAT for 2 weeks
  • £3,750 incl. VAT for 3 weeks

For the 27th – 29th March and 20th April there is an additional cost of £150 incl. VAT per day if these dates are required.

The morning

The morning sessions cover all 4 of our Life Skills Courses: Resilience, Collaboration, Leadership and Creative Problem Solving, which are designed to develop the core competencies that this generation of children will need to succeed in life. Notably, these skills are also required by the most selective British schools as part of the entrance examinations and scholarship processes.

We want all students to become independent learners who have the confidence to work alone as well as thrive in a team environment.

The afternoon

The students will have time to improve their English language through the use of professional tutors. There will also be optional study time and games to help embed the mornings learning. 

The evening

We fill the evenings with a variety of classic ‘boarding school’ activities and games, from movie nights to a talent show, rounders to an end of course presentation ceremony. Dinner is eaten together in the dining hall of Tonbridge and there will be some allotted free time, where children will be able to contact home and fill you in on their adventure so far!


For students aged 8-15:

For students aged 16-18:

Fast-paced, high energy and challenging. Your child will be active for most of the week. None of the tasks are easy; in fact, we don’t mind if the children struggle with many of the exercises at the first attempt. It’s through this process that resilience and strength of character can be built in a fun, pressure-free environment.


Our courses are built on three elements

active learning   / ambitious content   / serious fun

The Role Models Life Skills programme includes 7 different courses for children in Years 1-6 (ages 6-11). These separate courses can be completed in any order, or on their own.

Our courses follow an education framework developed by teachers, education experts and business leaders. This framework, based on the work of the Partnership for 21st century learning, defines the skills and knowledge that children need to thrive at school, at home and beyond. Our courses have been written by our Character Education team who are highly qualified educators. Our course content emphasises the importance of developing life and career skills alongside academic attainment. You can read more about the other courses which we offer here and you can read more about the partnership for 21st Century learning here.

To minimize COVID-19 related health risks for our students and staff members, we have put following policies in place. These are in compliance with guidelines published by the Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England:

  1. Any student or permanent staff member joining the course must already have been in the UK for at least 14 days before the course and must be completely symptoms free
  2. Visiting family or staff members must comply with latest regulations stated by the Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England at the point of their visit otherwise they cannot be permitted on site
  3. All students joining the course must have a UK guardian

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