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Develop essential life skills and a growth mindset during a fun, inspiring and unforgettable fortnight. 

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Tonbridge School

15.07.20 - 28.07.20



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Develop essential life skills and a growth mindset during a fun, inspiring and unforgettable fortnight. 

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Benefits of Role Models Courses

We help children think, feel
and behave differently





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Leading with Life Skills

During our two week boarding course, children will develop key Life Skills that will help them thrive socially, in school and in future careers. They will develop a ‘growth mindset’, supporting creative problem solving and helping them to understand the link between achievement and effort. This in turn helps obtain better and more solid academic results.Our residents will learn that effective team-work means the strength of a team is greater than the sum of its parts. Our Residential course promises the enjoyment of making new friends, experiencing different cultures in beautiful surroundings and pushing themselves beyond their ‘comfort zone’ with exciting activities and challenges.

Why we focus on Life Skills

Life skills are not just useful for character development, they are also linked to:

  • Greater wellbeing as adults
  • Reduced mental illness
  • Better school results
  • Preparing students for the life of work
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What differentiates us

  • Experienced, trained and fun UK staff
  • Helping children worldwide
  • All our courses include a webinar for parents
  • All our courses include follow up material for parents and children to help embed our content
  • Many aspects of our courses, including public speaking and collaboration, help develop children’s English language
  • We run our courses in top-tier English boarding schools
  • Formal graduation ceremony
  • Report cards and certificate at the end of the course

Role Models is committed to social action. For every ten places booked, we offer one free place to a child who would not otherwise have access to our courses.

Course Breakdown Questions

The morning

The morning sessions deliver all 4 of our Life Skills Courses: Resilience, Collaboration, Leadership and Creative Problem Solving, which are designed to develop the core competencies that this generation of children will need to succeed in life. Notably, these skills are also required by the most selective British schools as part of the entrance examinations and scholarship processes.

We want all students to become independent learners who have the confidence to work alone as well as thrive in a team environment.

The afternoon

The students will use the skills learnt in the morning during the afternoon’s activity session! Often our afternoons include exciting outdoor activities that provide a stimulating change from students’ typical daily routines. We also offer excursions to famous British sites over the two weeks, including a trip to London.

The evening

We fill the evenings with a variety of classic ‘boarding school’ activities and games, from movie nights to a talent show, rounders to an end of course presentation ceremony. Dinner is eaten together in the dining hall of Tonbridge and there will be some allotted free time, where children will be able to contact home and fill you in on their adventure so far!


Fast-paced, high energy and challenging. Your child will be active for most of the week. None of the tasks are easy; in fact, we don’t mind if the children struggle with many of the exercises at the first attempt. It’s through this process that resilience and strength of character can be built in a fun, pressure-free environment.

You will receive a daily email from the teachers leading the course; summarising how the day has gone with photos of students participating in the activities and giving parents an insight into lessons learnt that day.


Our courses are built on three elements

active learning   / ambitious content   / serious fun

The Role Models Life Skills programme includes 7 different courses for children in Years 1-6 (ages 6-11). These separate courses can be completed in any order, or on their own.

Our courses follow an education framework developed by teachers, education experts and business leaders. This framework, based on the work of the Partnership for 21st century learning, defines the skills and knowledge that children need to thrive at school, at home and beyond. Our courses have been written by our Character Education team who are highly qualified educators. Our course content emphasises the importance of developing life and career skills alongside academic attainment. You can read more about the other courses which we offer here and you can read more about the partnership for 21st Century learning here.

Tonbridge School was founded in 1553 by Sir Andrew Judde. It is one of the leading boys’ boarding schools in the UK and is highly respected, both here and internationally, for providing a world class education.


Tonbridge shares Role Models’ view that pupils need to be encouraged to be creative and intellectually curious; to approach new opportunities with confidence; and to learn to think for themselves while being mindful of the needs and views of others.  


Facilities: The Tonbridge School Centre offers some of the best facilities in the UK for indoor sports, such as climbing wall, swimming pool and an athletics track. For outdoor sports, the school has over 150 acres of superbly-maintained playing fields for rugby, football, hockey cricket, astro-turf pitches and courts for tennis, rackets, squash, Fives and hockey. 

The quality of the facilities is so good that Tonbridge is used as an Olympic training venue


Accommodation:  One triple room, twin rooms and single rooms plus dining room, living room, TV room and games room.


At the end of each day of the course the children reflect on their learning and how they will apply this in their everyday life . They are encouraged to set themselves short and long-term targets, with support and feedback from their Role Model. 

Parent Presentation

We invite parents and carers to attend a 45-minute ‘Parent Presentation  usually on the first day of the course at 10am. This includes an overview of what your child will learn, together with ideas and strategies for supporting their learning at home. 


At the end of each day of the course, parents will receive an email with photos and a summary of what the children have done throughout the day. After the course ends, we send three follow-up videos which are designed to help your child embed key themes from the course. These are sent 2, 4 and 6 weeks after the course has finished.

Written Report

Parents receive a written report from the Role Model working with their child, highlighting their child’s strengths and areas for further development, which includes ideas and strategies for supporting their child at home 

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