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Brilliant Me and My Feelings – Summer

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Designed for children aged 6-7 years old, our Brilliant Me and My Feelings course focuses on how to manage big emotions and increase emotional literacy. We aim to give children the skills they need to understand and talk about their feelings.

5 Days

Chelsea Academy School, Chelsea
Lots Rd, Chelsea, London, SW10 0AB

27.07.20 - 31.07.20

10:00 am - 3:00 pm


Extended day packages available from 8:30am – 6pm. See Course Breakdown Questions below for more detail.


Designed for children aged 6-7 years old, our Brilliant Me & My Feelings course focuses on how to manage big emotions and increase emotional literacy.We aim to give children the skills they need to understand and talk about their feelings.

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Connecting with how we feel

Children can often struggle to manage their big emotions and feelings; they may not be able to articulate how they feel or even recognise the exact emotion they are experiencing. This course is about developing your child’s emotional vocabulary and awareness. Taking the time to connect with how we feel and to understand our emotions without judgement, allows us to respond from a place of control rather than being overcome by big emotions.

Understanding that feelings are valid

Brilliant Me & My Feelings is specifically designed to help your child:

  • Recognise and identify their big feelings and emotions
  • Understand that all feelings are valid
  • Manage frustration
  • Develop ways to self-regulate
  • Know how to deal with worries and nerves
  • Think about their impact on others’ and the feelings they have
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Role Models is committed to social action. For every ten places booked, we offer one free place to a child who would not otherwise have access to our courses.

Course Breakdown Questions

Our 5 day course uses the power of story to help children explore their feelings and learn different ways to accept them- even the uncomfortable ones! Each day two stories are shared with the children based around the theme of feelings and then activities are completed to help them link the learning within the story to their own everyday lives. Daily mindfulness activities are included to help the children learn to manage their emotions, as well as a daily ‘mission’ which is a simple task set to challenge them to embed their learning. Brilliant Billy the bunny accompanies the children throughout the week and is used as a distancing tool; talking about certain situations Billy might experience certain big feelings can sometimes be an easier step than talking directly about our own experiences.

The stories shared in The Brilliant Me & My Feelings course are based around the following themes:

  • Some feelings are uncomfortable and that’s ok
  • Why is kindness important?
  • How to deal with worries
  • Expressing our feelings and developing emotional resilience
  • Feelings can sometimes hide underneath other feelings

One example of the stories shared during the week is the wonderful ‘Ruby’s Worry’ by Tom Percival. This story is all about Ruby; she loves being Ruby, until one day she finds a worry. At first it’s not such a big worry, but then it starts to grow. It gets bigger and bigger every day and starts making Ruby sad. Ruby finds a way to get rid of the worry and feel like herself again. The story is shared and discussed as a group, followed by an activity where the children explore different ways of talking about their worries. Firstly the children make their own worry monster using a balloon and we see just what happens when we hold our worry inside- it grows and grows and gets in our way! They then make either a tiny worry doll or a worry box, and learn that it’s good to talk about the things that worry us. They also learn that having a set time and way of doing this stops the worry taking over our everyday thinking! The story and activities help the children understand that worries are normal and we all have them, learning how to recognise and manage them is the important part.

Fun and fast paced learning! There will be a mixture of games, stories, and activities all delivered by Role Models who are experienced with working with this age range of children. There will be breaks built into the structure of the day including a 30 minute play during the lunch break.

Our courses are built on three elements

active learning   / ambitious content   / serious fun

The Role Models Life Skills programme includes 7 different courses for children in Years 1-6 (ages 6-11). These separate courses can be completed in any order, or on their own.

Our courses follow an education framework developed by teachers, education experts and business leaders. This framework, based on the work of the Partnership for 21st century learning, defines the skills and knowledge that children need to thrive at school, at home and beyond. Our courses have been written by our Character Education team who are highly qualified educators. Our course content emphasises the importance of developing life and career skills alongside academic attainment.

This course is not designed just for children who openly struggle with their big emotions, we believe it’s healthy for all children to explore the power of their feelings; which ones they experience, how they feel, and how to respond to them. This helps to build emotional awareness, empathy and puts the foundations in place for children to be able to express their wants, needs and feelings effectively. We see this as an important part of building positive relationships, understanding ourselves and being aware of the impact we have on others. The course provides a much needed opportunity to stop and reflect on how we feel, and it helps to build the children’s vocabulary in order to talk about their feelings.

1. Parent Presentation

We invite parents and carers to attend a 45-minute ‘Parent Presentation  usually on the first day of the course at 10am. This includes an overview of what your child will learn, together with ideas and strategies for supporting their learning at home.

2. Follow-Up

At the end of each day of the course, parents will receive an email with photos and a summary of what the children have done throughout the day. After the course ends, we send three follow-up videos which are designed to help your child embed key themes from the course. These are sent 2, 4 and 6 weeks after the course has finished.

3. Written Report

Parents receive a written report from the Role Model working with their child, highlighting their child’s strengths and areas for further development, which includes ideas and strategies for supporting their child at home

4 Embedding the themes

Parents will be sent a list of all the story books shared throughout the course; you may wish to purchase any of the titles which have particularly resonated with your child to help revisit the themes.

When you purchase more than one course place, you will receive a £50 discount on each subsequent course place, i.e.
£50 discount if you purchase two course places in one transaction;
£100 discount if you purchase three course places in one transaction;
£150 discount if you purchase four course places in one transaction; and so on.

This means if you are booking for a sibling or planning ahead and booking multiple courses you can take advantage of this offer. Please note that for this discount to be applied all course places must be purchased at the same time (in one transaction) and all courses must be of the same type, e.g. day courses.

Yes we do! You can either book a standard day (10-3 or 10-4 for certain courses) or an extended day (8.30 until 6pm.) Our course content will only run between the hours of a standard day. Outside of these hours, one of our Creative Childcare Role Models will join the children to run extra-curricular games and activities.

You can select which days you extend based on your needs, as extended hours are charged per day. Please note: If you select an extended day, you can collect your children before 6pm, but will still be charged for the full day. An extended day will be charged at £25 per day per child. Please book a standard day at the checkout and then call us to add the extended day package on 0203 6377107 or email

You can pay for our courses online using credit cards, debit cards and American Express. For any course taking place at Chelsea Academy School you can also pay with childcare vouchers. Please contact us on 0203 6377107 for more information on paying with childcare vouchers.

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