Collaboration Course – October Half Term

Collaboration skill

Focusing on communication and teamwork, this course helps children aged 8-11 build confidence and explores compromise, flexibility and listening skills. Public speaking and interview skills are also developed.

Chelsea Academy School
Lots Rd, Chelsea, SW10 0AB

8 - 11 years

3 days

26.10.20 - 28.10.20

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Extended day packages available from 8:30am – 6pm. Please see the Course Breakdown Questions below for more detail.

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Focusing on communication and teamwork, this course helps children aged 8-11 build confidence and explores compromise, flexibility and listening skills.

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For Challenges

Role Models is committed to social action. For every ten places booked, we offer one free place to a child who would not otherwise have access to our courses.

Please see the Course Breakdown Questions below for our Coronavirus policy.

Work together to succeed

Learning to work together with others towards a shared goal is essential for success – at school, at work and at home. We believe that confidence, communication and collaboration are the key to working effectively with others. True teamwork is about making your own contribution but also listening to others, recognising your own and others’ strengths, understanding each other, being sensitive to others’ needs and accepting feedback.

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Be a great communicator

Our Collaboration Course focuses on encouraging children to consider the skills needed to effectively work together. Communication is a key part of collaboration. This includes being comfortable with asserting yourself and your ideas. Our Collaboration course includes interview preparation, focusing on confidence and both verbal and non-verbal communication. This is very useful for those approaching and preparing for 11+ or other types of interviews. These interviews increasingly now focus on group work and how your child interacts with others, so developing collaboration skills can be a helpful form of preparation. More and more interactions may now be taking place online; this course is a great way for your child to learn to ‘show their best self’ when communicating online.

Course Breakdown Questions

Please read below for a summary of our COVID-19 Policy or click here to read it in full.

At Role Models, our priority is the welfare of our students and staff. We have therefore put strict health & safety policies in place to minimise risks related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

These are in compliance with guidelines published by Public Health England and include:

  • Any student or staff member joining the course must already have been in the UK for at least 14 days before the course and must be completely symptom free
  • Family members or carers visiting our courses to pick up or drop off children must comply with latest regulations stated by Public Health England at the point of their visit, otherwise they cannot be permitted on site
  • All children will have their temperature taken when entering the site
  • Additional personal hygiene practices will be put into place during our courses. This will include the thorough washing of hands at regular intervals throughout the day and any resources being disinfected
  • Children will be separated into groups no larger than 10 and will not mix with any other children or staff members
  • Appropriate social distancing will be adhered too, including at collection/drop off. Course activities will allow for children to maintain the advised distance apart
  • Staff and children will be sent home immediately if anyone is suspected of having Coronavirus symptoms

In the event of any course being cancelled on the advice of Public Health England or insufficient booking numbers, your booking will be refunded in full. Alternatively, you will have the option to transfer your booking to a future offline course or one of our online courses.

How has the course content been adapted?

We have adapted our group activities so that no direct physical contact between children is required (hand holding, physical partner work etc). Parents and children should be aware that our course content is based on team challenges and ‘working together’ to apply specific life skills; our courses will continue to focus on this approach and children will be working within a group of 10.

The course is designed to develop the two key skills of collaboration and communication. The week includes fun activities which encourage the children to explore ways of working together to solve team challenges and timed exercises. They will learn about compromise, flexibility and the importance of listening. Specific activities include working as a team to come up with a plan to herd ‘blind sheep’ into a pen using only noises under timed conditions, as well as making a team tower as tall as possible.

Session 1: Teamwork

Why is teamwork so important? When is it needed? What does a successful team look like? Are we as good at working with others as we think we are?

Session 2: Communication

What does good communication involve? Exploration of the importance of listening skills as well as speaking. How does body language and non-verbal communication impact? What about communication with others online vs offline?

Session 3: Presenting

What do we need to think about when presenting and public speaking? Can we share our ideas confidently and engage others? Includes a range of public speaking challenges and debating activities.

Session 4: Confidence and making an impression

How do we show our best self in an interview situation? When we meet new people and work with a new group, what skills should we draw upon?

Session 5: Teamwork makes the dream work

A series of team challenges for the group to work together to solve. When will we use these collaboration skills in our everyday lives? With family, friends and as we transition to new settings.

Our courses are fast-paced, high energy and challenging. Your child will be active, engaged and up on their feet. None of the tasks are easy; in fact, we don’t mind if the children struggle with the exercises at the first attempt. It is through this process that resilience and strength of character can be built, in a positive and supportive environment.

Our courses are built on three elements:

  • Active learning 
  • Ambitious content
  • Serious fun

You will learn all about collaboration and explore the types of skills and attributes that allow us to work effectively as part of a team. Do you see yourself as a team player and a strong communicator? We will explore the skills you need for presenting yourself and your ideas confidently so you can do this when you’re with your friends, in an interview or working as part of a team.

  • 5 x 5 hour days
  • A group of around 10 children will be led by an inspirational Role Model
  • You can wear comfortable clothes and have a drink nearby in case you need it
  • It will be a fun week of games, talking, watching some videos and thinking together with the group
  • We would love you tell us your ideas and feelings during the activities, so talking is encouraged! But if there’s anything you don’t want to do, that is fine too!
  • We can’t wait to meet you and learn some awesome new skills together!

Our courses are not designed just for children who struggle with collaboration; we believe everyone should be developing this important life skill on an ongoing basis. Your child may already be a ‘team player’ but maybe needs to develop their communication skills or their sensitivity towards the needs of others. Developing the skills of collaborating and communicating is a great way to boost general self-confidence and self-awareness. The course is also a great way for children to explore being outside of their comfort zone within a fun and supportive environment.

  • Parent presentation – we invite parents and carers to attend a 45-minute ‘Parent Presentation’ usually on the first day of the course at 10am. This includes an overview of what your child will learn, together with ideas and strategies for supporting their learning at home. Please note that due to the current circumstances, we may send out a pre-recorded webinar version of this instead
  • End of day email – these emails summarise what your child covered so you can discuss this with them. They may also include photos of your child taking part if consent has been given
  • Top tips – daily tips from Louise, our Head of Character Education, on how parents and carers can support the development of life skills at home
  • Written report – parents receive a written report from the Role Model working with their child, highlighting their child’s strengths and areas for further development, which includes ideas and strategies for supporting their child at home
  • Follow-up videos – three videos from Louise, sent after the course has been completed to remind your child of the key course themes

The Role Models Life Skills programme includes 8 different courses for children in Years 1-6 (ages 5-7 & 8-11). These separate courses can be completed in any order, or on their own.

Our courses follow an education framework developed by teachers, education experts and business leaders. This framework, based on the work of the Partnership for 21st century learning, defines the skills and knowledge that children need to thrive at school, at home and beyond. Our courses have been written by our Character Education team who are highly qualified educators. Our course content emphasises the importance of developing life and career skills alongside academic attainment. You can read more about the other courses which we offer here and you can read more about the partnership for 21st Century learning here.

Yes we do! You can either book a standard day (10am – 3pm) or an extended day (8.30am until 6pm). Our course content will only run between the hours of a standard day. Outside of these hours, one of our Creative Childcare Role Models will join the children to run extra-curricular games and activities.

You can select which days you extend based on your needs, as extended hours are charged per day, at £25. Please note: if you select an extended day, you can collect your children before 6pm, but will still be charged for the full day. Please book a standard day at the checkout and then call us to add the extended day package on +44 20 3637 7107 or email

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This means if you are booking for a sibling or planning ahead and booking multiple courses you can take advantage of this offer.

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