Creative Childcare

What is Creative Childcare?

Role Models offers more than a typical nanny or childcare agency. Our Creative Childcare service can match your family with the perfect Role Model to inspire your children, whatever their passions and interests may be. We have hundreds of fantastic Role Models across London who excel in music, sports, drama, cooking, art and education. We aim to fire up your children’s passions by matching them with someone who shares their interests and can be a relatable mentor for them.

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Why Role Models?

We are available after school, during the day, on weekends, evenings and holidays. Whether you are looking for someone regular, ad hoc or for a specific period of time, we can help. Our Role Models are experienced, enthusiastic and creative individuals looking for a part time job where they are supporting children’s development and having some serious fun! 

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Our Role Models

All of our Role Models are:

  • Interviewed by our team in person
  • DBS checked
  • Reference checked
  • Experienced in childcare
  • Fluent in English

Many of our Role Models have:

  • First Aid training
  • A driving license
  • Special Educational Needs experience

Our process

Contact us via email or phone call

Job role sent to our roster of Role Model’s

Suitable profiles sent to you

Choose to speak to your chosen Role Model

Confirm perfect match

Frequently asked questions

We provide childcare for children of all ages.

Yes, some of our Role Models have experience teaching or caring for children with specific learning difficulties.

A one-off £50 ‘new joiner’ fee applies for new customers (this fee covers gathering requirements, starting a search, reviewing profiles, and meeting our Role Models).


We offer two different options for hourly rates. Both options will keep the hassle of admin to a minimum for you as we aim to keep childcare as stress-free as possible.


Option 1: The parent is the employer – there is a contract between the parent and Role Model: The service costs £18 per hour (inc. VAT). We will take care of all the parents duties as an employer including the Role Model’s gross wages, holiday pay, pension, student loan, sick/maternity pay administration, the contract preparation, payroll costs for set up and administration, PAYE costs, employer and employee national insurance contributions, assessing the Role Models, and both DBS & reference checking. This can be used for both long term and short term roles and signing the contract electronically takes only a few moments. We will also invite you to become a Role Models Member – Members pay £20 per month (or £200 per year) for unlimited access to our team of Role Models.  Non-members pay a £30 fee per session booked.


Option 2: For parents who would prefer the Role Model to have a contract with Role Models Creative Childcare Limited rather than themselves: (i.e. Role Models Creative Childcare Limited is the Employer) our fees are £21per hour (inc. VAT). The benefit of this service is that there will be no contract between the Parent and Role Model. Role Models Creative Childcare Limited will cover all of the services provided for option 1 plus the parent will not need to take out employer’s insurance or sign a contract with the Role Model. We will also invite you to become a Role Models Member – Members pay £20 per month (or £200 per year) for unlimited access to our team of Role Models.  Non-members pay a £30 fee per session booked.  


All of our parents receive an invoice at the start of each month via email. 

Unfortunately we cannot accept childcare vouchers for our Creative Childcare service. As a childcare agency we cannot be Oftsed Registered, which is a requirement for the vouchers to be accepted. However, we do accept childcare vouchers for our Life Skills Courses at certain venues.

Yes, each session is a minimum of 3 hours.

Yes, absolutely. If the Role Model is available to join you on holiday then this service is provided at a bespoke rate.  You are expected to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and meals.

You can contact ‘Role Model’s via email ([email protected]), phone (020 3637 7107) or you can message us on the website via our live chat.

Send us a message to start your Creative Childcare booking

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