Role Models Video Hub

Our character education team has put together a few short videos based on common struggles parents face.

Managing worries & anxieties

Does your child worry and feel anxious about certain situations? It can be hard to know how to support them; how do we value their worries without giving them power? This video have 5 tips which focus on managing your child's worries

Encouraging your child to step outside their comfort zone

Does your child avoid trying new things?

Developing Confidence

Children need confidence to thrive in life, it is fundamental not only to their success but also their happiness. Here are a few practical ideas to help support your child in developing their confidence

Responding to big emotions: tantrums, meltdowns and outbursts

In the moment of a big emotion, it can be difficult to know how to respond to such big feelings. It can seem like your child is giving you a hard time but it is perhaps more helpful to remember that they are likely to be having a hard time. Here are a few ideas to consider when responding to your child's big feelings: