Course Discounts

Multibuy and Siblings Discounts

You will receive an automatic multi-buy or sibling discount at checkout when you buy more than one course at the same time.

The table below explains the discounts you will receive. Please note discounts are per course and not basket as if you bought two online 5 day courses you would receive £25.16 (2 x £12.58) off your whole basket whilst if you bought one online course and one offline UK 5 day course you would receive £38.06 (£12.58 + £25.48) off your basket.

Number of courses in basket2345
 Disc. per courseDisc. per course
Online 5 day Course£12.58£16.67£18.82£23.89
In-person UK 5 day course£25.48£33.78£38.12£48.39
In-person UK 4 day course£22.58£29.93£33.78£42.88
In-person UK 3 day course£19.03£25.22£28.47£36.14

*Not all course types have been included in the table but every course will receive a multi-buy and sibling discount unless stated on the course bookings page in discounts.

Referral Discounts

Invite your friends to book online and offline courses. When they do, they’ll get £25 off their purchase. You’ll receive a £25 coupon code to use on your next order.

The more friends you refer, the bigger the discount as multiple referral discount codes can be used on one order.

Sessions Discounts

You can buy single 60 minute online sessions, bundles of 5 sessions or bundles of 10 sessions. When buying 5 session bundles you receive a 5% discount and when buying 10 session bundles you receive a 10% discount. Bundles can be used on more than one child.

We do not offer referral discounts for online 60 or 45 minute sessions.


We also have a bursary scheme which you can read about here.

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