After School Club Job Description


You will lead your own group of up to 15 children, delivering the content of the course. This involves leading discussions, delivering content, facilitating games and challenges with the children, and helping them to develop their skills. You will be responsible for the progress and development of the children in your group.


Detailed job specifics;

  • Attend a training day at Role Models offices
  • Attend a health and safety day at the school if applicable
  • Arrive on site 30 minutes before the club begins each week if applicable
  • Organise your own resources and room layout. Be responsible for the resources over the course of the club
  • Lead a group of 15 children in the content of the course
  • Complete a written report for each child in your group, based on individualised feedback and anecdotal comments on their progress (to be completed by 9am on the first Monday after the course)
  • Write a daily email summary for parents (for all groups across the course) to be sent by 7pm each day. These should be detailed, engaging, different every day and include a range of good quality photos (ensuring only children allowed to be photographed are in them). At least 3 photos to be included on each daily email
  • Give verbal feedback to parents throughout the course if applicable
  • Be responsible for the behaviour, safety and welfare of all children in your group (including breaks and lunchtime)
  • Be responsible for knowing information on allergies, medical needs, photograph permission and any other info relating to the needs of the children in your group
  • Act as a Role Model at all times! Embody the types of life skills we are developing in the children; positive communication skills, empathy, be presentable, engaging, polite, and able to collaborate effectively
  • Take responsibility to remove all pictures from your device at the end of the course (If permission given to use personal phone to take photos of the children)