Podio Tips

What can I use Podio for;

  • The number in the name of the workspace is your course code – you will need this to submit your timesheets.
  • In your workspace you will have a number of Apps across the top.
  • Look on the Activity app for any key details about your course attendees. This may be that someone is not turning up on a specific day, or a particular medical condition you need to be aware of.
  • Use the Attendees app to see more details about each attendee. Including whether they have a free place (and why), their age, their parents details, and all medical/additional needs. You can also see collections arrangements and photo consent details in the Attendees app. Use the ‘Info for Role Models’ view down the left hand side for the most concise information
  • You can read previous reports on your attendees in Podio and see details of previous courses they have done.
  • You will write you End of Day emails and your Reports in Podio. Do not send the reports. To send your EOD emails, first save the email and then click ‘Do it Now’. The parents names will appear on the right hand side if this has been successful.
  • You can also see all of our policies (including our staffing (pay) policy) and a number of other documents in the Policy / Document Library App – including a volunteer reference template and the End of course Measure sheet data excel template.
  • You will record any incidents in Podio.
  • You can download registers from Podio.
  • You can see other key information on general course logistics in the Logistics App.
  • For offline courses, if you go into the Logistics app – you can use the checklist there to make sure you have completed everything at the end of the course.