Role Models Personal Statement Structure

See below the ideal structure of your personal statement. (Avoid writing an essay. Make it detailed and concise).


1st Paragraph: Introduction yourself, where are you originally from? What are you up to now? If you studied – what did you study? What do you like to do? – your passions, interests, skills. Do you like to cook, swim, run, travel, read etc.? This paragraph is about you.


2nd Paragraph: Childcare experience. What experience do you have? – babysitting, 1-2-1 childcare, leading workshops, summer camps, scouts/brownies, taking care of young family members. What age groups have you worked with? What do you like about children? Why do you like working with children? When taking care of children, what were your responsibilities? – School pickup, feeding them, playing games, keeping them active, helping with homework, music practice, reading bedtime stories etc.

Go into as much detail as possible as parents will not hire you if you do not have the childcare experience.


3rd Paragraph: Who is your personal Role Model? It can be someone in the public eye or an individual in your personal life. Why are they your Role Model?


  • You are more likely to be confirmed for jobs if your personal statement follows the above and is up to date.
  • I will be checking ALL statements before I send them to the parents and therefore please update yours before you apply for a role.