September 18, 2015

Christmas Resilience Course 2015

Role Models is running a unique character development, resilience and growth mindset Christmas course.

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This Christmas, we are running a week-long course from Monday Dec 14th – Friday Dec 18th (10am – 3pm) at the home of Fulham Football Club (Craven Cottage, Stevenage Road, SW6 6HH). The week will focus on combining core competencies looked for by the top selective schools with a more general focus on mindset growth.



Why choose Role Models?

1. Our insight. Having spoken to a number of Head Teachers and Deputy Head Teachers at London Secondary Schools, we have researched precisely what they hope new students will bring with them. We will be focusing on soft skills as much as technical skills and what a ‘future leader’ looks like. It will be an action packed and exciting learning environment, which will cover many of the skills not usually nurtured in the London education system.

2. The quality of our people. All our Role Models undergo a rigorous application procedure  and we are totally focused on recruiting people who are talented, engaging & fun. With professional sportsmen and women, academics, actors and musicians, there will be an extensive array of subject matter to suit every child as we celebrate unique thinking and resilience; whilst ensuring that a holiday course should, above all things, be a lot of fun.

3. Our track record. We have an extremely successful history of delivering holiday courses.  The results of our Summer Resilience Course survey reflect this:

  • 100% of survey respondents said they were interested in future courses and would recommend them to other parents.
  • 100% of survey respondents scored the course full marks for their child’s enjoyment.
  • 86% of survey respondents felt their child’s confidence or resilience had improved when asked 3 weeks after the course.
  • We achieved an average Net Promoter Score (industry standard metric for customer satisfaction) of 9.3 / 10 in terms of how likely parents would be to recommend the course to others.

“The positive feedback he received really boosted his confidence and on holiday he was not phased by asking staff for something whereas previously he would ask us to do it.”

“She has been a lot more tolerant & better at problem solving in a mature manner especially with her younger sister.”

“She seems more confident about attending senior school interviews and has said that the course really helped her to prepare.”

“She said she wished school was like this. She absolutely loved it. Thank you.”


What do we mean by Resilience and Growth Mindset?

Growth mindset is, quite simply, a more productive thought process we can learn to use before tackling a problem or dealing with something particularly difficult. This doesn’t need to be as stark as ‘you can do it!’; more the reassurance that were you to fail, this does not have any reflection on whether you will then succeed later or indeed your strength of character. Put even simpler: ‘maybe I can’t do it now, but I can certainly learn to!’. We want to encourage resilience and growth mindset in all pupils especially before the dramatic jump to secondary school which will open up a new world of challenges.

John Cridland, Head of the Confederation of British Industries, recently stated at the annual Festival of Education that, “from the perspective of employers, the school system needs to teach skills beyond academic lessons, such as character and resilience”.  Click here for the full article.


How will we develop Resilience and Growth Mindset amongst the children attending?

The week will involve a series of challenges, team building exercises, public speaking, debating and active learning tasks, which will provide each child with an armoury with which they can build their confidence and solve most problems thrown their way. None of the tasks throughout the weeks are easy; in fact, we are relying on the children struggling with many of the exercises at the first attempt. It’s through this process that a resilience and strength of character can be built in a fun, pressure-free environment.


What safety measures are in place?

All of our Resilience Course staff are interviewed, DBS checked, reference checked and trained by Alex Lee (Assistant Head Teacher) and Phoebe Paskin Orr (Experienced Tutor and Mentor (specifically 11+)).


What are the timings?

The course runs from Dec 14-18 (10am – 3pm daily). The slightly later start ensures it doesn’t feel like a school day.


Where is the venue?

The course will take place at Craven Cottage (Fulham Football Club), Stevenage Road, SW6 6HH.


How many spaces are available?

We are limiting the course to only 20 children in Years 3 & 4 and 20 children in Years 5 & 6.  These two groups would work as separate cohorts for the vast majority of the week.


Should children bring their own lunch?

No. We are providing lunches, breaktime snacks and drinks and will of course make sure we cater to allergies and intolerances.


What age group is the course focused on?

The course focuses on two cohorts:  Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6.  It will support children moving from day schools to prep schools, those going through the 11+ process and those striving to achieve a growth mindset.


How much does the course cost?

The course is £525pp (incl VAT), including lunch.  This is discounted to £475pp (incl VAT) if a sibling or friend is referred in.


Alex photo

Alex Lee – Course Designer

Alex will be, as of this September, one of the younger Deputy Head Teachers in London at 26 years old. He is a year 6 Primary School Teacher and as such has an in depth knowledge of the 11+ entry process and its finer details! Last year he was invited to No10 Downing Street for excellence in State Education.

Alex won a music scholarship to Wellington College (grade 8 on the saxophone and tenor horn) followed by the Morehead Cain scholarship to North Carolina University where he studied English Literature and Political Science. In addition to qualifying as a teacher, he has worked for the UN; played professional rugby for Southland in New Zealand; written the first draft of his book; set up a charity for disadvantaged children; and mentors pupils towards scholarships at independent schools and universities.



Phoebe Paskin-Orr – Course DesignerPhoebe photo

Phoebe has been a tutor for the past 8 years specialising in 11+ entry. She was an academic scholar to Wellington College where she was appointed the first female Deputy Head of College in the school’s history. Phoebe then went on to study Economics at Exeter University.

She has a holistic approach to common entrance preparation, focusing on confidence, interview skills, team work and leadership. In her spare time, she plays the piano, sails competitively on the Solent and is involved with multiple education charities in London.





Sir Anthony Seldon (Headmaster of Wellington College, contemporary historian, commentator & political author):

“Role Models shares Wellington’s pioneering attitude towards child development through holistic education. By giving children the opportunity to partake in music, sport, drama and arts & crafts, parents are better preparing their children for life’s challenges.”


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