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Our Head of Character Education, Louise Treherne is a qualified coach who works one to one with children, teenagers and adults to help them reach their potential. Your child or teen (or you as a parent) may require more tailored, specific support than one of our Life Skill Courses can offer, or they may just be too old for them. Through her coaching practice ‘The Coaching Concept’, Louise offers single sessions and packages of support, both online and offline.

From £80 per hour (packages available).

Flexible Location

Flexible dates

The sessions can be conducted online or face to face.

Benefits of One to One Coaching

Coaching is a great way to explore negative ways of thinking and any limiting beliefs before they begin to manifest and hold us back from reaching our potential.

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About Louise

Louise has long had an interest in self-development and people, originally sparked through completing a degree in Psychology. This interest only grew throughout her 12 years in teaching, 5 of which she completed as a senior deputy head teacher. Now as a qualified coach, Louise works with individuals to help them explore, accept and empower themselves. The people she works with are looking to develop new ways of thinking and behaving.

Louise is passionate about coaching as a means to facilitate change. It’s collaborative and a truly empowering process. It has the power to unlock potential and is based on developing positive rapport and trust.

Reasons you might decide on coaching for your child, teen or for yourself as a parent:

  • To help your child explore who they are and feel positive about themselves
  • To increase motivation and sense of purpose
  • To help accept and celebrate their personality
  • To change unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving (people pleasing, perfectionism etc)
  • To help build confidence and resilience in relation to specific situations (bullying, friendship groups)
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Contact information

If you would like to find out more about coaching sessions with Louise, The Coaching Concept website can be found here. You can also get in touch with her at [email protected] or on +44 7786636289. Louise welcomes you to get in touch to discuss how coaching could help you or your child. She can tell you more about the coaching process and costs, as well as discuss whether coaching might be right for your situation.

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