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Resilience course

For 8 to 10 year olds

Learn to let go of unhelpful thinking and how to respond to worries & anxiety. Explore how to build emotional resilience and keep a healthy mind.

Resilience course
London Time
8 - 10 years
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Developing a growth mindset

The Resilience Course is designed to help your child:

  • learn how to face challenges & handle mistakes
  • let go of unhelpful, negative thoughts
  • develop a willingness to try new things & take risks
  • move away from fear of failure & perfectionism

Developing resilience

The course includes lots of discussion about the application of resilience, encouraging the children to think about when & how it might be useful to use the learning in their everyday lives. Each online session starts and ends with some energiser games making it easy for your child to focus for the full 60 minutes.

Course content

Dealing with Unhelpful Thoughts
Tue 30.08.22 @ 3:00 pm
We all have negative thoughts that pop into our head. They are often unhelpful and not even true. Learn about the 5 thinking traps we often fall into and what you can do about it when it happens.
Mindfulness & Gratitude
Wed 31.08.22 @ 3:00 pm
Explore the positive impact gratitude can have on our everyday outlook and how being more mindful can help us connect with our thoughts and feelings more successfully. Practical exercises for you to use in your everyday schedule.
Worries & Anxiety
Thu 01.09.22 @ 3:00 pm
Learn how to manage your worries so they don’t hijack your day. Strategies to help you feel more in control of when and what you worry about.
Emotional Resilience
Fri 02.09.22 @ 3:00 pm
What does resilience look like when I’m with my friends or family? Learn how to respond to social situations with resilience and explore strategies to help you remember this approach in the moment.

How does it work?

Our online courses are available for children aged 5-7, 8-10 & 11-13. They are made up of 60 minute sessions.

During the school holidays these courses are typically run on consecutive days. During term time they are scheduled once per week on the same day and at the same time.

Each course focuses on one of our core life skills; leadership, resilience, creative problem solving and collaboration, and also helps to develop a growth mindset and confidence.

Holding hands.

Our promise

We believe in the quality and impact of our work.

If you decide, after your first session, that our online courses are not a good fit for your child then we will provide a full refund of your total purchase.

Getting to know your child

All our courses are run in small groups. This ensures our Role Model can get to know each child individually.

To help with this, before the course beings, we ask you to answer a few questions about your child and any specific needs they might have.

It will only take a minute or two, and it ensures our Role Model has all the information they need to ensure your child has the best experience possible.

Included with all our online courses...

  • The role model will email you a summary of each session, describing what was covered so you can discuss it with your child.
  • You'll also receive a summary sheet, reminding you of the main themes of the session along with links to relevant videos and suggested reading material
  • You'll receive a top-tip that outlines how you can support your child's life skills at home.
  • We'll send you an offline activity - a fun and thought-provoking activity sheets for your child to complete in their own time.
  • You'll receive follow-up videos to watch that will remind your child of the key course themes.
  • Your child will receive a branded official certificate to recognise completion of the course.

Recent reviews

from parents & children that attended courses in the resilience series.

Coach is very friendly and relatable. My daughter gets a lot from these sessions.
- Mark
Even though my 7 yo daughter only attended the last 2 sessions, but I highly recommend this to everyone. My daughter learns so much and she came out from the class feeling more confident. She applies the teachings in her everyday life when the negative thoughts come and she was bummed to hear that it was the last class. She wanted to take more and she doesn't even think that this class is that long. She truly enjoy the 1 hour session, fully engaged, and loving every minute. 5 stars for Billy the Bunny! <3
- Nina
Role Models offer fantastic opportunities for individual personal development, I am very happy how my child has progressed and improved his confidence.
- Penny
Schools don't teach these important life skills. Wish I learnt these skills growing up.
- Varun

Frequently asked questions

How is the content delivered online and which software do you use?

Our online sessions are delivered using Zoom.

Please note that a free Zoom account and Zoom client software for PC, Mac or Linux is required in order to participate in these sessions. If you have not used Zoom before, you will need to Download Zoom and then Register an account.

You can register with your (the parent's) name/email address as during the first session it is possible to change the name displayed on the camera screen to your child’s.

Other notes on the online course:

  • Your child will need a quiet space and a computer/laptop/iPad with internet connection
  • The sessions will be interactive so they will need to be seen (using the computer camera/webcam) and heard (using the computer microphone or headset)
  • They will need a pen/pencil and paper during the sessions
  • It’s important the children are relaxed and comfortable; if possible please do help them get set up for the first session and be on hand for any technical difficulties
  • Following that, these sessions work best when children are given the independence to complete them alone rather than having other people listening and watching nearby. However please feel free to listen if you would like to!
  • The content of the sessions will include discussion, games, watching videos, and sharing thoughts and ideas with the group. The children may at times be required to type using the keyboard or answer verbally

More information will be shared in our pre-course email, which you will receive towards the end of the week before the course starts.

How should I explain this course to my child?
  • You will be on a 60minute video call (Zoom) led by one of our Role Models
  • There will be a group of between 1-9 children
  • You will have the chance to interact with the other learners and the Role Model
  • You can wear comfortable clothes and have a drink nearby in case you need it
  • It will be a fun session of games, talking, watching some videos and thinking together with the group
  • We would love you tell us your ideas and feelings during the session, so talking and participating is definitely encouraged! But if there’s anything you don’t want to do, you can just sit and listen
  • We can’t wait to meet you and learn some awesome new skills together!
How has the content been developed?

Our courses follow an education framework developed by teachers, education experts and business leaders. This framework, based on the work of the Partnership for 21st century learning', defines the skills and knowledge that children need to thrive at school, at home and beyond.

Our courses have been written by our Character Education team who are highly qualified educators with over 24 years of teaching experience. Our content emphasises the importance of developing essential key life skills alongside academic attainment, in order to thrive in life.

Who delivers the content?

Our highly experienced team of Role Models are passionate about both education and social & emotional wellbeing. They’re energetic, engaging and curious. They’re adept at combining educational rigour with fun, to create active learning environments that children love. All have been interviewed by our Recruitment Team and are reference and DBS checked.

What does my child need for an online course?
  • Paper and pen/pencil, colours
  • If a worksheet is required for use during the session this will be included in your pre-course email (if you are unable to print, plain paper will be fine)
  • Headphones (optional)
Can I enrol two children onto the same course?

Yes. However, you will need to pay for a course for each child. We would also encourage children to enter the sessions on separate devices (with headphones or in different spaces), however they can also join using the same device if needed.

What type of child is this course designed for?

Our courses are not designed for those who may be struggling with specific life skills. We believe all children can build on these essential skills in order to reach their full potential. Your child may need a boost in confidence, to strengthen their resilience or they may just need an opportunity to go outside of their comfort zone and challenge themselves by working with new people.

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