Resilience courses held at Heathfield Community College #SERIOUSFUN

⭐ Free places available for HAF/FUEL children


Next date: Monday 19th - Thursday 22nd December

There will be a mixture of games, challenges, stories and activities all delivered by our Role Models who are experienced with working with this age range of children. There will be breaks built into the structure of the day including a 60-minute play during the catered lunch break.

BRILLIANT ME! (For ages 5-7)

Next date: Monday 19th - Thursday 22nd December

Move from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’t YET’

This is a four-day course, where each day the children will be able to build on the previous days learning. While we appreciate that you may not be able to attend one of the days, we encourage you to attend as many as possible to get the most out of our course! Learn to think more positively and let go of perfectionism, moving from 'I can't', to 'I can't YET'.

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