5 Day Leadership Courses

Held at Downe House, Muscat

Brilliant Me and My Feelings Course - 5 to 7 year olds

Dates: Sun 16.04.2023 - Thu 20.04.2023

Learn to manage big emotions and increase emotional literacy. Including how to recognise, understand and talk about feelings. Our last courses sold out 2 weeks before the start date, we advise you book early to avoid disappointment. This course is open to both girls and boys, at Downe House and surrounding schools.

Oman Leadership Course - 8 to 11 year olds

Dates: Sun 16.04.2023 - Thu 20.04.2023

Explore the concept of 'every day' leadership. Team challenges to explore strengths, empathise & connect with others and increase assertiveness & confidence. Our last courses sold out 2 weeks before the start date, we advise you book early to avoid disappointment. This course is open to both girls and boys, at Downe House and surrounding schools.

Be a great communicator

The course includes interview preparation & public speaking, focusing on confidence and both verbal and non-verbal communication. This is very useful for those approaching and preparing for 11+ or other types of interviews. These interviews increasingly now focus on group work and how your child interacts with others, so developing collaboration skills can be a helpful form of preparation.

Building confidence from within

Brilliant Me & My Confidence is specifically designed to help your child:

  • Learn to like themselves and feel confident

  • Feel liked and accepted

  • Feel proud of what they can do

  • Think good things about themselves

  • Believe in themselves

Develop confidence & teamwork skills

The Collaboration Course is designed to help your child:

  • work effectively as part of a team

  • build strong communication skills

  • develop confidence in presenting

  • assert themselves

Included with all our courses...

  • Each day the role model will email you a summary, describing what was covered so you can discuss it with your child. They may also include photos of your child taking part in the activities (if consent has been given).

  • At the end of the course you'll receive a set of top-tips on how you can support the development of life skills at home.

  • Your child will receive a branded official certificate to recognise completion of the course.

  • You'll also receive a written report from the Role Model working with your child, highlighting their strengths and areas for further development.

  • Finally, after the course has finished you'll receive follow up videos, that you can watch with your child. These aim to remind your child of the key course themes.

How does it work?

Our courses are available for children aged 5-7, 8-10 & 11-13. They typically run for either 3 or 5 consecutive days.

Getting to know your child

All our courses are run in small groups. This ensures our Role Model can get to know each child individually.

To help with this, before the course begins, we ask you to answer a few questions about your child and any specific needs they might have. We will also ask about food allergies, medical conditions and any additional needs that our Role Model needs to know about.

It will only take a minute or two, and it ensures our Role Model has all the information they need to ensure your child has the best experience possible.

Education Advisory Board

Jane Lunnon

Jane is now the first female Headmistress at Alleyn's School in London. She has a wealth of experience within education and a passion for developing soft skills in children.

Jane has recently taken on the role of the first female Head at Alleyn’s School in London. Between 2014 and 2020 Jane took up the Headship of Wimbledon High School, having previously been Deputy Head at Wellington College playing a key role in its Senior Leadership Team and working to increase the profile of girls in the recently co-educational school. In October 2020 Jane won the much deserved award for Best Head of a Public School in the Tatler School Awards.

Jane is an English graduate from the University of Bristol. She juggles a busy home life (a husband, two children, a cat!) with her career and believes profoundly that all things are possible with a little careful planning and a lot of determination. She is passionate about using the wonderful opportunities available both in and out of the classroom to develop confidence, courage and self-belief in students: “Young people will lead if they are leading in an area they really care about – so find the passion and you’ll find the leader…”.

Recent reviews

from parents & children that attended courses in the leadership series.

Downe House, Muscat

Address: Oman

We're pleased to offer this course at Downe House in Muscat. The campus provides a truly inspirational teaching and learning environment, housing some of the finest facilities in the Middle East. These inspirational spaces are ideal for children getting into a new mindset as they develop critical life skills with our Role Models.