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What you'll learn

  • How to help your child when they experience 'big feelings'.

  • How to respond to anger, frustration, upset and jealousy.

  • Which strategies help to build emotional resilience in your child

  • How to help your child to embrace mistakes and the inevitable ups and downs of life.

Who is the content for

  • Parents, guardians and carers.

  • Ideas shared are relevant for children of all ages.

Open Q&A

  • After the 45 minute webinar there is an Open Q&A

  • Send us your questions in advance when you register!

Highlights from our last webinar

Earlier this year, Louise Treherne and Laura Kay hosted the Role Model's webinar on "Letting go of perfectionism".

Watch back the highlights now!

✋ School leaders

Ofsted recommends that schools "seek to engage parents and their community thoughtfully and positively in a way that supports pupils’ education"

(Ofsted Guidance for Schools, 2022).

You can advertise this free webinar to parents in your school or community.

Contact us for marketing assets for your school newsletter.

We are passionate about equipping educators and parents alike with the tools to enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of all pupils and help them fulfil their academic potential.