Edmund Kirwan

Ed is qualified teacher and experienced private tutor with a masters in Leadership. Ed is a co-founder of Empathy Week, focused on raising empathetic, thoughtful leaders for the next generation.

Ed is currently a science specialist private tutor and volunteer who is working on a project called ‘Motivation of the Invisible’ which looks to humanise those sleeping rough across the UK and highlight the ever-growing problem through interviews and social media. A qualified teacher, Ed completed the Teach First graduate programme in North London, teaching for three years as well as being Head of Chemistry in a large secondary school. Whilst teaching, he completed a Masters part-time in Leadership from University College London which has given him a greater understanding of how to lead but crucially, the knowledge of leadership as a concept to pass onto others around him. Ed has run a number of Role Models Life Skills Courses, including one in Saudi Arabia.

Ed has a wealth of other child-related experience including residential ski trips with students, mentoring and even coaching basketball. Basketball is his sporting passion, having been the Chairman and Captain of the University of Bath basketball first team, he still plays competitively within London. Away from sport, Ed aspires to be a public speaker who influences young people to change their perception on many issues. As mentioned, his focus is currently on addressing the issue of homelessness and Ed has given many talks to schools across London and Oxford about acknowledging those on the street, part of humanising the problem. He hopes to focus on other issues in the future whether they be at home or abroad.

Ed’s Role Model is British ex-NBA player John Amaechi who Ed met and watched deliver a talk. John recounted the time he turned down a $17 million LA Lakers contract for a $700,000 contract with the Orlando Magic. His reason: the Orlando Magic were the only team willing to sign him before he entered the NBA. He knew that one day his integrity and ‘word’ would mean more than any figure of money.