Isabella Raven

Studying Religion, Ethics and Philosophy at King's College London gives Isabella a mind that thinks 'out of the box' and so encouraging and stimulating new ideas and conversations is something that she loves.

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Isabella is an ex gymnast with a passion for physical activity and so always tries her best to be as active as possible and make the day count. Studying Religion, Ethics and Philosophy at King’s College London gives her a mind that thinks ‘out of the box’ and so encouraging and stimulating new ideas and conversations is something that Isabella loves, especially with children who have the most interesting thoughts in their knowledge absorbing stage of their lives.

Isabella is also part of the musical theatre society and has been part of the chorus in 3 shows at university so far. The freedom and love for letting loose through physical and vocal expression is something that she enjoys because it boosts self confidence and it is something that she encourages in all the relationships she forms.

Isabella’s child care experiences are extensive; growing up in a house where her Mother is a childminder, being around children in a normal, homely environment really grounds her knowledge of how children act and respond to her.

In a professional environment, Isabella has hosted children’s parties in two places of work; the first at Rascals Party and Play Centre in Preston, where she lived before she moved down to London. Hamley’s Toy Store is the second work place she hosted children’s parties and also was an elf in Santa’s Grotto. She was part of the events team who dressed up as the characters who you will see interacting with the public at the front of the store on Regent Street. In addition to this, she coached gymnastics alongside her elite training. She coached children, male and female, from the ages between 3 and 14.

Isabella’s role model is J.K. Rowling because she grew up in a deprived environment, where her life was difficult and full of adversity. Yet despite this, her imaginative spark and her creative nature stayed with her throughout her life. Now being the author of the world famous series ‘Harry Potter’, she continues to drive her profits into charities for women and children.