Mabel Isles

Mabel has nannying since she was at university. One of Mabel's biggest passions is art and at the weekend she runs children's art classes. She also enjoys photography, cooking, baking and sports.

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Mabel has been looking after children since the age of 15, starting off with babysitting when she was still at school and then after school she started nannying. She has a lot of experience with children of all different ages. She looked after two children aged 4 and 6 in Rome for two months over the Summer, then went back the following year.

Before she started at university she was au pair to three girls aged 1, 6 and 9 for a year. During her university term time she looked after a 3 year old boy throughout the three years she spent there. She has been looking after two children now aged 7 and 13 for the last three years, she begun nannying them and coming on holiday with them and today she still babysits for them regularly. She recently went out to Mallorca to nanny four children, aged 1, twins aged 2 and another aged 2. She regularly babysits a girl aged 9 and have been for the last 6 months. Mabel loves sport and is very active.

At school she played lacrosse, hockey, netball, tennis and athletics and was captain of the athletics team. Today she goes to the gym regularly and is a member of a netball team, who play in a league after work. She loves playing sports with the kids she looks after, often going down to the local tennis courts, or playing football in the park, or just going on a walk.

One of Mabel’s biggest passions is art. On the weekend she works at the Crafthouse in Mortlake where she runs children’s art classes and parties. She did History of Art at university which she absolutely loved and left with a 2:1. She spends a lot of her spare time at galleries and exhibitions around London. She also really enjoys photography and has an SLR camera which she often takes around with her and takes pictures of London life. Mabel is also a very competent cook.

She did the Leiths cookery course at school and cooks a lot at home for friends and family. She loves trying out new recipes as she has a lot of healthy cook books. She has a little sister who is 6 years younger than her and when she was small they would always bake together. Now she loves baking with the children she looks after. Often making Mabel’s famous banana bread!

She can speak French and Spanish to a GCSE level. Her parents have a house in France which means she uses her French a lot. Her boyfriend’s parents have a flat in Spain, which is great because it means she gets to use her Spanish there. She is very happy to help with any languages homework and any other homework as well! In her spare time she volunteers at Vauxhall City Farm, as animals are her other passion in life. Mabel is a very caring, giving person, which is why she loves to look after children and animals.