Nikolas Salmon

Nik is a professional actor. He also currently works part-time organizing children's birthday parties as well as looking after children one-on-one and sharing his love of sport and drama with them.

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Nik is a young, charismatic and outgoing man with a diverse range of interests. Having studied History and American Studies at the University of Manchester, he decided to follow his yearning to be a professional actor, and finished a postgraduate (MA) course at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts drama school in 2015.

Nik has been a professional actor for just over 3 years and has had a variety of work in theatre and film. Before his university degree, Nik worked at a prep school in South West London. This job entailed helping in the drama department, reading with children and coaching rugby and football. This consequently opened him up to a network of parents where he continued to care for children of the families. He also currently works part-time for a company that organises children’s birthday parties for a variety of ages.

Nik has had 3 years of experience with Role Models, looking after various ages of children. Nik is also a passionate sportsman who has excelled mainly in rugby and cricket, playing the top level at both school and university (and a young playing member of the MCC) and other sports including football, field hockey, golf, table tennis and darts!

Nik’s Role Model(s) are the All Blacks: The All Blacks are the most consistently successful team in sporting history. The culture they have is amazing, emphasising character as well as talent. They promote core values such as humility, flexibility, the determination to always improve and resilience. I think these values can be translated into everyday life.”