Patrick Fordham

While teaching Business and Computer Science on the Isle of Sheppey Patch realised the importance of Confidence and resilience for pupils. Not only were these characteristics vital for pupils to take on the pressures of school, but also in later life.

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Patch first realised his passion for childcare and teaching, working for Macintyre Charity in Buckinghamshire. The charity work was one of the most rewarding experiences of his life. Patch volunteered for the Rugby Portobello Trust in the winter and spring of 2016 and loved being an assistant coach to the under 8 football team, who got robbed in the semi final of their cup game in Clapham common. Patch has since volunteered in a refugee camp in Chios where he spent over 6 weeks setting up a portable library and teaching chess and English. Patch then joined the TeachFirst graduate scheme and spent two years teaching on the Isle of Sheppey where he qualified as a teacher with 1st class honours and received his PGDE. Patch is constantly on the go and can’t stop creating and has recently created ‘The Brexit Card Game’ among other educational games to raise youth engagement in politics and current affairs. One of Patch’s role models is Elon Musk, his drive is incomparable, his determination to see his visions through is unrivalled. With his success he has kept his core moral values as close to his chest as when he started out in business.