Sarai Littlechild

Sarai is an engaging and Creative Arts graduate with lots of varied experience working with vulnerable adults and children.

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Sarai is an engaging and Creative Arts graduate with lots of varied experience working with vulnerable adults and children. During her time with Role Models, Sarai has facilitated Confidence and Resilience Courses, assisted on SEN Summer camps, delivered Leadership programmes, provided tutoring/homework help and brought her creativity to many Creative Childcare clients children.

During Sarai’s final year of study at university, she mentored students in the years below, supporting those who were struggling with their coursework and the social challenges of student life. This experience gave her a great sense of achievement and prompted her to look for a career in which she could use creativity as a tool to engage and communicate. Since graduating in 2014 with an Honours degree in Illustration and Animation, Sarai has organised and hosted a number of extra-curricular arts clubs with children aged between 11-17 who were struggling with their academic schoolwork, but showed an interest in art. Her main duties were to encourage and nurture this interest in order to help build confidence in their abilities and a sense of achievement among the pupils. Sarai built upon these leadership skills whilst volunteering on a 10 week International development placement in El Salvador, where she used her creative background to help enable and motivate national volunteers with little experience to produce a video documentary and photo exhibition.

Driven by her passion to contribute to others well-being, Sarai spent 8 months volunteering with Mind’s mental health services team, co-facilitating therapy groups alongside completing mental health awareness training. During this time she developed a sensitive approach to people experiencing distress and difficulty in communicating their thoughts and feelings. This experience helped Sarai to feel confident in providing support to people at risk and she became familiar with some of the safeguarding issues involved. Sarai then went on to work as an SEN learning support assistant, providing 1:1 in support to a child in Key Stage 2, who is diagnosed with ASD and ADHD. Sarai was responsible for preparing learning materials, supporting learning in class, planning and facilitating activities specific to the child’s needs, managing his behaviour and providing feedback and suggestions to staff and parents. Sensitivity, patience and problem solving skills were imperative to this role, as she is always having to look out for potential behavioural trigger and find ways to calm the situation should they arise.

At present, alongside Role Models Sarai facilitates art classes for adults with physical and/or learning disabilities and uses the rest of her time to pursue creative projects. In the future, Sarai hopes to study a master’s degree in Art Psychotherapy in order to help young people to reach their full potential by better understanding how art can be used to deal with complex and confusing emotional issues.