Talitha Wing

Talitha is a professional actor with a very keen interest in teaching. Talitha has worked on rehabilitation courses for children with behavioural problems which has prompted her to follow a career in Drama-therapy.

Talitha is a Drama School graduate with a BA Hons in Acting from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. As well as working as a professional actor, Talitha has a very keen interest in teaching and helping young people to achieve their goals in the Performing Arts. She has worked as a facilitator at the Watermill Theatre on and off for 3 years, where she has led and assisted on drama workshops. This included weekly courses of drama workshops with children and young adults with Autism. Talitha also assisted on two three-month projects creating plays with adults with varying diagnosed mental health illnesses and learning disabilities and found this experience incredibly rewarding. Talitha often provided 1 to 1 support and encouragement for individuals who displayed challenging and resistant behaviour or those who needed support in the therapeutic work.

Talitha also worked on a separate weekly rehabilitation course for children who have behavioural problems and have therefore had difficulties in the main stream education system of primary and secondary school. She learnt a number of techniques for relaxation, “talking-down” and grounding mindfulness exercises. Talitha found each of these separate projects incredibly eye opening, inspiring and rewarding and from this has sparked an interested in a career in Drama-therapy.

Talitha has also had a lot of experience in childcare, having child minded and babysat privately in the Berkshire area which included responsibilities such as managing meal times, play time and bed time.

Talitha’s role model is the poet Vanessa Kisuule, who writes inspiring poetry for young women, which, after reading many of her poems, gave her the confidence to creatively express herself.