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At Role Models, we passionately believe that there are a collection of key life skills that make children happier and more successful in life. We help your child to explore these through a number of play-based activities.

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Leadership enables your child to have a positive impact on others. Our leadership course is built around a sustained exploration of communication and empathy as concepts – two key skills when encouraging, supporting and motivating a group to achieve a shared goal.


Resilience is a vital element in any child’s development. A resilient child truly believes that anything is possible if they put their mind to it. Our resilience course centres around building up a ‘growth mindset’ – allowing children to embrace new experiences with positivity and confidence.

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Collaboration allows your child to thrive when they are working in a team. Our courses focus on strong collaborative principles whilst building your child’s confidence in articulating their own thoughts.

Creative Problem Solving

Solving problems is a massive part of everyday life for children and adults alike. Our courses focus on the importance of independent thought through a mixture of play-based problems and scenarios.

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Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is an outlook that will empower your child to believe that they can get better at anything they put their mind to. Our courses focus on the everyday application of this way of thinking – allowing your child to understand the importance of mindset when it comes to how we choose to view and respond to different situations.


Having confidence in yourself is crucial to reaching your potential. Our range of courses helps to develop children’s inner confidence. We help children believe in themselves and their ideas, allowing them to feel positive and assert themselves in any situation.

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