School Partnerships

We are proud to work in partnership with many outstanding schools and businesses to make a positive difference to children, families, communities and schools across the globe.

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Our Partners

We focus on life skills

Life skills are essential for character development and they also have other benefits, including:

  • Improved mental health, particularly during a global pandemic 
  • Enhanced future job prospects. The World Economic Forum ‘Future of Jobs Report‘ consistently cites life skills as the most critical skills for the workplace
  • Increased academic attainment. Numerous scientific papers identify the correlation between happiness and academic attainment

What makes us different

  • We offer many ways to support character education, including Life Skills Courses, After School Clubs, Customised Workshops, CPD Training and Parent Talks 
  • We work with primary school children 
  • We focus on prevention and preparation 
  • We work with fully qualified and trained UK staff
  • All of our courses include follow-up material to help embed what the children have learnt
  • We invite your teachers to join our workshops to help embed the learning in the classroom
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What we offer

Partnership overview

We are able to offer a partnership to schools whereby they are able to ‘white label’ our Holiday Courses eg. The Chelsea Academy Leadership Course. It’s a great way to offer something developmental and unique during the school holidays for students.

Role Models will handle the bookings, parent questions, bookings and course delivery. All the school needs to do is promote the course to its parent community. 



After School Clubs

Our After School Clubs run throughout the school term and will cover areas such as public speaking, interview skills and problem solving for children in years 3-8 (aged 7-13). Role Models train your teachers in running these clubs. 

This programme runs as 10 weekly sessions lasting an hour, with your teachers needing to put in an additional hour each week for preparation and post session follow up emails. 

Please get in touch to find out more about how we could work together.

Staff CPD

We offer life skills training to teachers which are in-line with new Ofsted regulations. These consist of ways to cultivate resilience, confidence, leadership and creativity in the classroom. 

Each session is delivered by our Character Education team either online or offline. They last 1 ½ to 2 hours and can host between 30-40 teachers.

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Online Sessions

Our online programme consists of 10 weekly sessions lasting 60 minutes each. These can run on an individual basis or for groups of up to 9 children. Topics covered include resilience, leadership, collaboration and creative problem solving.

These sessions include a Parent Webinar and follow up materials to support post-session learning.


We tailor our workshops to year groups 3-8 (7-13) both online and offline. Each workshop lasts 90 minutes. All of these sessions focus on an individual skill: i.e. resilience, leadership, collaboration or creative problem solving.

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Parent Talks

We offer Parent Talks on the importance of Life Skills such as Resilience and Leadership for children’s future job prospects as well as for supporting all children with mental health and wellbeing. This is delivered by our Character Education team and gives a great insight into the ways you can help your child to thrive at home, school and beyond.

SEN Courses

We work with organisations to offer unique opportunities for children to develop essential skills in a supportive environment with a trusted professional. We understand that everyone learns differently; we seek to challenge the children in a healthy way, whilst building their confidence in a comfortable and fun environment. The courses are based on the same themes as our core life skills courses but content and delivery style has been adapted by our Head of Character Education in order to fit the learning styles and needs of the children participating.

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