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We'd like to thank our customers, our schools, our supporters, our team and our incredible role models for all the work they've done over the last 10 years. We end this journey thankful for the time spent helping thousands children build their confidence, develop meaningful friendships and try new things.

This is Amelie's story

It seems like the pressure on kids is only increasing with each day and impacting our kids at younger and younger ages.  Our daughter would get stressed and upset for many school-based activities - from timed tests to spelling bees - and we didn't understand why.  She would beat herself up if she made any mistakes and got to a point where not trying was easier than running the risk of "failure". 

We as parents tried to tell her that this was ok, but she didn't really listen to us, likely because she felt ashamed..  We wanted to find professionals who could help our daughter build the skill set to be comfortable with herself, and comfortable with messing up.  We started looking for courses that would help her be more comfortable with herself and try different things, when we discovered Role Models courses and how it helps with resilience.

These lessons have been invaluable for our daughter.  In each lesson she learns strategies for building her resilience, self-confidence, and other skills to thrive in today's environment.  Each lesson gives her things to think about, and try, and does so in a way that makes her listen and truly understand. We believe these courses complement the Masterclass program because there might be things that she would not feel comfortable saying in a group setting, but she can then use them, and role play them with her peers.  

We have seen definite growth in Amelie.  She tries things that she would never had before we started Role Models, and even gave a speech to more than 300 lawyers (she's 9).  

She's getting more comfortable in her own skin, able to face challenges, and do things that make her afraid, instead of giving up before trying.  We hope to be able to stay with Role Models because the skills that she is learning will serve her just as well as any math or reading class, and take time and practice to learn.  This isn't something that will take 1 lesson or even 10 lessons to master, but we view role models as a long term partner in both helping our daughter learn, but also us as parents be more effective in reaching her.

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