14 day Masterclass free trial,
Then £45 per month.

Our Masterclass will give your child the toolkit to build their confidence, manage their emotions and develop friendships.

LIVE online classes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday for children aged 5-13


Your child will be able to manage their emotions. Coping with the ups and downs of life through simple strategies such as the use of a worry jar.

They will have the confidence to try new things. Ensuring they make the most of life’s opportunities using tools such as De Bono’s thinking hats; used for spotting opportunities where others see only problems.

They will Learn the importance of empathy and how to use it to connect with others and "find their tribe".

14 day Masterclass free trial, Then £45 per month.

How does it work?

Start your 14 day free trial and select your sessions
Your child attends a live 60 minute online session with our Role Model and a small group of children
Receive a learning summary from our Role Model along with additional learning materials
Complete optional additional activity to embed learning and continue the fun!


Upcoming sessions

60 minute session

 My Pirate Map Adventure

Come a long on a pirate adventure and use this as inspiration to create your very own pirate treasure map!

60 minute session

 Name that Feeling

We can feel so many different emotions, not just happy or sad. Learn how to recognise, name and describe what a range of different emotions feel like.

60 minute session

 I'm Awesome and I'm Proud of Myself

Learn to celebrate the awesome moments by making your very own Jar of Awesome. When something makes you smile or deserves to be celebrated, add it to your Jar of Awesome!

60 minute session

 It's Ok to Make Mistakes

How do you feel about making mistakes? Take the fear out of failure by learning how mistakes help us understand and grow.

60 minute session

 Feeling Angry

What happens when you get angry? What does it feel like? Learn was to respond to your anger, calm down and stay curious about other feelings hiding underneath.

60 minute session

 Making Friends

Making new friends can sometimes be tricky. Find out ways to connect with new people and share in the things you love.

60 minute session

 Finding My Big, Loud Voice

Do you ever find it hard to find your words or a clear, loud voice? We all have a big voice inside of us but sometimes it get’s stuck. Learn how to help yours out.

60 minute session

 Using My Imagination

Using your imagination can be fun; learn how to take the ordinary and make it brilliant! Using your imagination in play opens up endless possibilities!

60 minute session

 How to Shrink My Worries

We all have worries. Learn how to shrink your worries through talking about them and sharing them with others.

60 minute session

 My Worry Box

How can we stop our worries taking over? Make your own worry box to help collect your worries and choose when to give them your attention.

60 minute session

 Thinking Creatively

You have to really believe it to see it. Learn how to think creatively to turn a boring cardboard box into something extraordinary.

60 minute session


We have the power to impact how others feel. Learn how small acts of kindness can make a big difference to others.
Start your 14 day Masterclass free trial
Then £45 per month.

Start your 14 day free trial

Frequently asked questions

Why choose us?
  • In-house curriculum developed by expert educators and psychologists Louise Treherne and Laura Kay
  • Long-term impact. Skills embedded through follow up activities and top tips for whole family for permanent mindset shift
  • Active learning with practical application at its core
  • Content accredited by the Association of Character Education
  • Entrusted by 50+ schools and 12,000 + parents to enhance their children’s social and emotional wellbeing
  • Fun, highly trained teachers who really care
Who teaches the content?
  • Highly experienced team of Role Models who are passionate about both education and social & emotional wellbeing. Meet Brigid.
  • They’re energetic, engaging and curious. They’re adept at combining educational rigour with fun, to create active learning environments that children love
  • All have gone through a rigorous recruitment and training process and are reference and DBS checked
I want my child to work on something specific, is the masterclass relevant?
  • Developing your child’s life skills is an ongoing commitment. If you’ve noticed a specific area they are struggling with it’s unlikely to be ‘fixed’ by a one off session alone
  • Our weekly Masterclass offers the opportunity to embed and build a range of essential life skills
  • If your child is struggling with perfectionism for example, it’s important to build their confidence not just with making mistakes but with applying this to creative problem solving, their leadership skills and teamwork
Is online learning right for my child?
  • The content is tailored to the specific ages of the children, so it will be appropriate to their needs and what they can cope with
  • The course is broken into short and varied segments ranging between videos/stories, discussion, games and activity sheets so it’s always engaging and fun
  • Unlike your school lockdown experience, our content and delivery style is designed especially for online learning and incorporates a range of digital learning tools such as virtual escape rooms
  • A maximum of 9 children per online class.
How should I explain this to my child?
What do I get for the subscription cost?
  • Full flexibility to attend as many live sessions as you can each month
  • Email summary after each session written by the Role Model
  • Top tip and additional activity sheet after each session to embed learning long term
  • Access to the Role Models community; exclusive parent webinars, parenting content from education team, early bird deals and more!
What will be the impact on my child?

Parents report that children who attend at least 5 x 60 minute sessions with us start to display some of the following behaviours:

  • ‘Thinking innovatively to solve problems for everyday situations’
  • ‘Ability to review and reflect on situations openly’
  • ‘Identify big feelings and ability to self-regulate emotions’
  • ‘Change in how they handle conflict’
  • ‘Acting on issues that bother them with confidence’

Don’t take our word for it, see what our children and parents think:

  • ‘9.6 out of 10 children enjoyed the classes’
  • ‘9 out of 10 of parents feel these skills will help their children in the future’
  • See our 2021 impact report
  • See more reviews