Give your child the toolkit to build their confidence, manage their emotions and develop friendships.

We also offer 1-2-1 custom courses.

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Let's build their confidence

Being confident doesn’t necessarily mean being outspoken. Confidence comes from knowing one’s strengths, developing interests and having strong communication skills.

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Ensuring they make the most of life’s opportunities using tools such as De Bono’s thinking hats; used for spotting opportunities where others see only problems, children will learn to creatively problem solve and in doing so build their confidence in new areas and bring out their best selves.

Using leadership language skills, children will learn how to communicate effectively and assertively whilst demonstrating empathy towards situations. Through scenario based discussion they will learn to express themselves in a safe and enjoyable learning environment, thus growing and strengthening their confidence.

Help them master their emotions

Developing practical strategies to support their way through the ups and downs of life, will enable children to achieve their very best, both at school and beyond.

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Our Masterclass guides children in finding, naming and talking about their emotions. Children learn how underlying feelings drive their behaviours and become more able to manage their emotions.

The children will learn strategies such as ‘Can control / can’t control’ which helps them to build resilience in navigating difficult situations. They will also learn the benefits of using a worry jar as a method of sharing and shrinking a worry, as well as wellbeing mindfulness techniques to help regulate their emotions. 

Show them how to foster deep friendships

Learning the importance of empathy and how to use it helps the learners connect with others. Through guided role play, they learn to talk about their passion points, helping them 'find their tribe'.

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Through our Masterclass, children not only make friends, but they learn how friendships are made.

By exploring concepts such as active listening, knowing and expressing oneself, children will develop the skills to connect with their peers in a meaningful and compassionate way.

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Ages 5 - 74.30 pm4.30 pm8.30 am
Ages 8 - 105 pm5 pm8.30 am
Ages 11 - 136 pm6 pm9.30 am

UK = London time, following GMT and BST

Upcoming sessions

Please note, for safeguarding purposes all of our online sessions are recorded.

A new session every week

We launch a new 60 minute session each week.

Each lesson is lovingly crafted to introduce new ideas or re-enforce existing ones.

Supporting the build-up of emotional resilience and well-being.

Max 9 children per group

Children work together in small groups.

They meet new friends from all over the UK and the world.

Everyone learns from the comfort of their own home.

Sessions for ages 5-7, 8-10 and 11-13

We introduce the concepts in a way that is accessible for each age group. 

While older children might be learning about the workings of their brain and developing critical thinking skills to discuss and debate our themes, the younger children would be learning through carefully chosen storybooks and engaging in activities to support their self-esteem and grow their confidence.  

Holistic approach

Each session focuses on a topic based on resilience, collaboration, leadership or creative problem solving.

By approaching these key concepts in lots of different ways, children build up the knowledge and confidence to apply them in every day life.

It's a combination of positive self-talk and emotional techniques that lead to lasting change.

"The curriculum is expertly designed, tapping in to the most crucial areas for developing children's confidence and wellbeing, in addition to fostering early skills in collaboration, resilience and leadership: areas we know are essential to building up children's emotional and psychological wellbeing"

Dr Daniel Weisberg, has worked for NHS services for over ten years. Daniel founded CAYP Psychology in March 2016, and has seen it grow into an award-winning, highly sought after psychological healthcare service for Children, Adolescents and Young People.

Curriculum developed by experts

All our lesson plans are created in-house by our expert educators and psychologists.

We have content accredited by the Association of Character Education.

Entrusted by 50+ schools and 12,000 + parents to enhance their children’s social and emotional wellbeing.


Experienced Role Models guide each session

All our Role Models have extensive experience working with children.

All our Role Models are DBS checked.

Your child will be mentored by multiple Role Models. They're all engaging and charismatic - so the children love them! Read about Catherine, Saima and Amanda

All our Role Models have extensive experience working with children.

All our Role Models are DBS checked.

Your child will be mentored by multiple Role Models. They're all engaging and charismatic - so the children love them! Read about Catherine, Saima and Amanda

Let Brigid welcome your child to the Masterclass

Follow-up emails keep you informed

After every session, the Role Model sends all parents a summary of what the group got up to.

This includes a top tip and links to activities to help embed the learning at home.

So you're always fully up to date with the topics being covered.

You'll see the results

No one knows your child quite like you do!

So you'll notice when they approach challenges with a new mindset. Or when they display new levels of resilience that you didn't know they had.

To mark their on-going effort, we also send out a certificate (UK only) for every 5 completed sessions as well!

Our Education team is on hand

Our education team are always monitoring the classes and supporting both Role Models and the children.

We drive for constant improvement in everything we do, and the education team are the back-bone of that movement.

If you have any specific needs to discuss then please get in touch because they'll be pleased to help you.

How to join the sessions

Step 1: Signup to the Masterclass by choosing a time slot that works for your family.

Step 2: You’ll receive an email invite 24 hours and 1 hour before the session is due to begin.

Step 3: Click the link to join via Zoom.

The Parent portal keeps you in control

You can use our parent portal to change your preferred time slot.

You can also book or cancel any individual sessions.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Online learning

First month only £24.50

Regular price
£49.00/mo for 1 child
£89.50/mo for 2 children
£104.50/mo for 3+ children

Why choose us?
  • In-house curriculum developed by expert educator and psychologist Louise Treherne

  • Long-term impact. Skills embedded through follow up activities and top tips for whole family for permanent mindset shift

  • Active learning with practical application at its core

  • Content accredited by the Association of Character Education

  • Entrusted by 50+ schools and 12,000 + parents to enhance their children’s social and emotional wellbeing

  • Fun, highly trained teachers who really care

Who teachers the content?
  • Highly experienced team of Role Models who are passionate about both education and social & emotional wellbeing. Meet Lara

  • They’re energetic, engaging and curious. They’re adept at combining educational rigour with fun, to create active learning environments that children love

  • All have gone through a rigorous recruitment and training process and are reference and DBS checked

I want my child to work on something specific, is the masterclass relevant?
  • Developing your child’s life skills is an ongoing commitment. If you’ve noticed a specific area they are struggling with it’s unlikely to be ‘fixed’ by a one off session alone

  • Our weekly Masterclass offers the opportunity to embed and build a range of essential life skills

  • If your child is struggling with perfectionism for example, it’s important to build their confidence not just with making mistakes but with applying this to creative problem solving, their leadership skills and teamwork

Is online learning right for my child?
  • The content is tailored to the specific ages of the children, so it will be appropriate to their needs and what they can cope with

  • The course is broken into short and varied segments ranging between videos/stories, discussion, games and activity sheets so it’s always engaging and fun

  • Unlike your school lockdown experience, our content and delivery style is designed especially for online learning and incorporates a range of digital learning tools such as virtual escape rooms

  • A maximum of 9 children per online class.

How should I explain this to my child?
What do I get for the subscription cost?
  • There's a new session every week, and you can attend any of the sessions.

  • Switch days if you need to.

  • Email summary after each session written by the Role Model

  • Top tip and additional activity sheet after each session to embed learning long term

  • Access to the Role Models community; exclusive parent webinars, parenting content from education team, early bird deals and more!

What will be the impact on my child?

Parents report that children who attend at least 5 x 60 minute sessions with us start to display some of the following behaviours:

  • ‘Thinking innovatively to solve problems for everyday situations’

  • ‘Ability to review and reflect on situations openly’

  • ‘Identify big feelings and ability to self-regulate emotions’

  • ‘Change in how they handle conflict’

  • ‘Acting on issues that bother them with confidence’

Don’t take our word for it, see what our children and parents think:

  • ‘9.6 out of 10 children enjoyed the classes’

  • ‘9 out of 10 of parents feel these skills will help their children in the future’

  • See our 2021 impact report

  • See more reviews

Do any terms and conditions apply?

Yes they do!

Please see our standard Terms and conditions.

We also provide 1-2-1 courses especially designed for your child's needs

  • Select your content: Leadership, Resilience, Collaboration, Creative Problem Solving

  • Choose the perfect session for your child from our library of over 40 sessions

  • Pick the most convenient dates and times for you