Collaboration skills allow your child to thrive in group situations. Our courses aim to get your child communicating and working effectively with others. We want them to be heard, whilst they support and encourage others to achieve a shared goal.

Role Models and Children in a Circle
Child draws on plate

Communication is an essential skill to succeed at school, home and further afield

The aim of our collaboration course is for your child to recognise their own strengths in relation to those of the people around them. We believe that understanding each other, being sensitive to other’s needs and open communication is key to becoming a strong and successful team player.

We explore collaboration through many fun education-based activities

Our course curriculum is based on a well-regarded educational framework that has been developed by teachers, education experts and leaders of the business industries. It involves fun play-based activities that are centred around the principles of collaboration.

Children play with paper

A day on our Collaboration course