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Introducing The Parent Practice

Raising young adults today is a team effort and here at Role Models, we appreciate, that whilst we focus on helping your children learn life skills that promote social and emotional wellbeing, and dynamic thinking, there is another piece which is a vital part of the package in order to give your child the best chance to thrive at home and shine in school.

The Parent Practice take care of the parenting piece, and if you feel you’d like a calmer and happier home life as your children…..

  • Become more cooperative, motivated and have increased confidence, less stress and more creativity.
  • Develop more emotional intelligence (self-awareness, empathy and resilience) and you and your child have close connection and communication.
  • Absorb good values and behave appropriately while still being true to themselves.
  • Become more independent and self-reliant, gaining valuable life skills and freeing up quality time for you and them.
  • Cultivate better sibling relations, squabbling less and being able to resolve conflicts.

Then The Parent Practice is here to help.

Parenting is relentless. Parenting can be tough. Especially when you don’t have the support and guidance you need, so that’s where Elaine and The Parent Practice comes in giving you a toolkit of skills and that roadmap you’ve been looking for, to create confident and contented children.

Elaine's Story

Elaine’s story, as told in her book ‘My Child’s Different’, documents how she transformed herself and her parenting approach and was able to support her son who had been excluded from 3 schools in so many years and eventually finished his education as Head Boy and went on to become a budding entrepreneur.

Elaine says of herself: “I’m not Wonder Woman or Super Nanny. I’m not Mary Poppins or Nanny McPhee. I’m just me (and in essence, I’m probably you) and that’s what makes me different.

I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve been at the end of my tether wondering why my child is different and what I can do to support him. I’ve learned first hand the skills it takes not just to survive the struggle but to get to the other side and change the story.

It is my mission to create a happier future generation by sharing parenting strategies that will have an authentic impact, transforming challenging children into confident and contented children with my personal style and a positive approach.

Elaine Halligan


Elaine offers a range of online parenting courses and bespoke coaching, to help you and your family have more harmony at home and to give you the toolkit to stay calm.

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The Parent Practice was established in Southwest London in 2004 by Melissa Hood and she was joined by her partner Elaine Halligan in 2009. Elaine struggled to understand her challenging son and Melissa became her parenting coach, as she trained Elaine in positive parenting techniques, teaching her new skills about children and psychology. They worked together for 12 wonderful years, sharing powerful tools and techniques with thousands of parents all over the world to help them create harmony in their own homes. Post 2020 and COVID19, the business has restructured and Elaine now runs The Parent Practice solo, while Melissa continues her studies and parenting work in Sydney.

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