Creative Problem Solving

Creative problem solving enables your child to develop their own ideas. Our courses encourage your child to consider, evaluate and find solutions to problems whilst building confidence in their own ideas, their own path.

Children sit with lego
Child shows plate to role model

It’s important for your child to be adaptable in difficult situations

Our creative problem solving course teaches your child the skills they need to be an independent thinker. The ability to think creatively and communicate our ideas is vital for every stage of the school system (and beyond). We’re confident that every child who attends a Role Models course leaves believing that any obstacle can be overcome if they put their mind to it in.

We explore creative problem solving through a number of fun, interactive, education-based activities

Our course curriculum has been designed and developed by teachers, education experts and business leaders. It is based on a well-recognised educational framework that pairs fun play-based activities with serious learning points around creative problem solving.

Child wearing mask playing trust game.

A day on our Creative Problem Solving course