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1 to 1 online sessions for children aged 5-13

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This may benefit your child if they struggle with:

  • confidence

  • worries or anxiety

  • forming strong relationships

  • trying new things

Β£49 per hour

Minimum booking of 3 sessions. 100% money back guarantee

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Role Model

All our Role Models have extensive experience working with children and offer a fun and safe environment for them develop themselves.

Browse their profiles to see which one you think would be a good fit your child.


Pick from a library of 40+ sessions crafted to support the social and emotional needs of children aged 5-13.

All our lesson plans are created in-house by our expert educators and have been accredited by the Association of Character Education.


Let us know the dates and times and number of sessions you would like to book and we'll do the rest.

Please allow one working day for us to confirm your session plan.

Once you have selected your options please allow 1 working day for a response (UK working days Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm GMT)

Meet some of our brilliant Role Models

Meet Ufuoma ⭐ Area of expertise: Building confidence to try new things

As a primary school teacher, Ufuoma recognises how children are always tested on maths, science and other academic topics. But what about empathy, resilience and every other immeasurable skill that children need to thrive in life? You can't measure these skills, but Ufuoma knows that kids who lack resilience do not perform as well because they don't attempt hard things.

Ufuoma promises a fun and engaging sessions where she will help empower your child to over come difficult tasks and situations.

πŸ“… General Availability: UK timezones

πŸ“ˆ Experience: 2 years

πŸ“Based in: United Kingdom

Meet Clara ⭐ Area of expertise: Independent thinking

A true champion of teaching life skills children, Clara is passionate to pass on the skills she has come to recognise are essential for children and adults to thrive.

One of our many multi-lingual Role Models, Clara speaks Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. A session with Clara promises to challegne your child by encouraging them to ask the big questions and allow them a safe space to explore new ways of thinking

πŸ“… General Availability: UK timezone

πŸ“ˆ Experience: 3 years

πŸ“Based in: United Kingdom

Meet Omar ⭐ Area of expertise: Building positive relationships

Omar is one of our most well-travelled Role Models having ventured to 25 countries at just 25 years of age...and counting! He is an experienced Geography teacher in West London with a passion for helping young people develop social skills; so that they can develop meaningful connections throughout their lives.

Omar loves being a teacher and his teaching style involvesΒ helping kids develop as people, as well as in their academic careers. He does this by teaching with compassion, and with a focus on building strong relationships with the pupils that he teaches.Β 

πŸ“… General Availability: UK time zones

πŸ“ˆ Experience: 3 years

πŸ“Based in: London

Example session topics

Mindset & The Power of 'YET'

Develop resilience: There are things you can do today that you couldn’t 5 years ago. There are things you can’t do today that you wish you could. Learn about the power of moving from β€˜I can’t’ to 'I can't Yet'

The Importance of Listening

Develop social skills: What traits are needed for good leadership? Learn how listening is such an underrated skill and how to get good at it.

Independent Decision Making

Develop confidence: Making decisions can feel hard. Sometimes not making one is still a decision in itself. Learn how to develop your confidence in making decisions on your own, and let go of the fear of making the wrong one.

Follow-up emails keep you informed

After each session, your Role Model will send a summary of what we got up to.

This includes advice and activities to help you embed the learning at home.

Children rate us 8.4/10
10 years teaching our curriculum
Active in 40 countries

Rated Excellent by 45+ families

"It took no more than half a session for my daughter to love the class and the teacher. She is always happy and excited to attend the next class and I can easily tell the difference it makes to her view of herself and others. I highly recommend the class and the teacher"

Who are the Role Models?

Our Role Models are inspiring and engaging educators who have extensive experience working with children.

In order to become a Role Model, individuals undergo an extensive application and interview process.

How does payment work?

You will not be asked to make payment until we confirm the timings of your session and the availability of your Role Model. Please allow one working day (UK working days are Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm GMT) for us to confirm your booking.

Once you receive confirmation of your selection you will have 24 hours to pay to avoid you Role Models availability changing.

Each session costs Β£49 GBP (or the equivalent if paying in a foreign currency). We accept most major credit cards.

How will you ensure the safety of my child?

All our online facilitators ("Role Models") are carefully selected, trained and enhanced DBS checked. We also record the sessions for safeguarding purposes. See our online safeguarding policy for more information

What technology do I need for my child to take part?

All you need is a computer with a camera and microphone and a reliable internet connection. We use Zoom for our sessions, which you can access either through your web browser or via an app on your computer. If you do use the Zoom desktop app, it is a good idea to log in to this a few minutes before your session in case you need to download updates before starting your Zoom session.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer a 100% cashback guarantee, so if you are unsatisfied with your session for any reason, we will refund your money for this session. Please note that if you cannot attend a previously scheduled session, we will make every effort to find reschedule this at a date and time that works for you and the Role Model(s) you have selected, but we do not offer full refund in these circumstances. If Role Models needs to cancel a previously scheduled session, we will issue a refund if we cannot find an alternative date & time that works for you.

Can we reschedule a session?

Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to reschedule a previously booked session. We will do everything we can to find a date and time that works for you and for the Role Model(s) you have selected for the course. Please note that will happily book another session for you if you let us know of the cancellation at least 10 days before the session. If you need to make a change within 10 days of the session, we will do our best to accommodate this request but Role Models will not be required to reschedule the session or refund the payment.