Complaints policy

Despite all our efforts as a company, there may be instances where an individual feels it is necessary to complain about a service. We have a Complaints Officer (Hugo Shephard) who will ensure that each complaint is dealt with in a fair and impartial manner. They will also ensure that each complaint is given a prompt reply.

Our aim is to provide a quality service for parents and carers, to respond promptly and courteously to enquirers and provide information that is both reliable and updated.

As a company, we would encourage a client to voice their opinion on the services provided by this company and we will ensure that any worries they may have will be taken seriously and will be noted for future decisions. The Complaints Officer will be responsible for ensuring that each complaint is dealt with by collating all the relevant information relating to the complaint, discussing the matter with the relevant staff and by recording all developments.

How to complain:

a) A complaint is received concerning the company’s failure to act on a particular matter, e.g. the services provided or the conduct of a member of staff;

b) Clients may register their complaint in a number of ways, e.g. by phone, email, letter, or by calling into our office;

c) Clients can make their complaint to any member of staff. The member of staff will then forward the complaint to the Complaints Officer;

d) The details of the complaint will be confidential.

What happens after a complaint is received:

a) Within 3 working days of receiving an official complaint, the client will receive a letter or email confirming the nature of the complaint and an explanation of the complaint process from the Complaints Officer. The client will be asked to sign and return the summary of the complaint so that we may proceed with the matter;

b) Within 10 working days of receiving the official complaint, the client will receive another letter or email from a senior manager that either suggests ways of solving the problem or noting Role Model Life Skills Ltd decision. This letter or email will explain other options available to the client should they disagree with the action taken;

c) Should the client decide to appeal against the action taken, the next stage is for the matter to go to a full board meeting. This will happen within 5 working days of the client informing us that they are dissatisfied with the first decision. The board of directors will send the client a letter to say that they have received the complaint and will be looking into the matter;

d) Within a further 10 working days, the board will inform the client either of their decision or to arrange a meeting to discuss the matter further.

The Role Models Life Skills Ltd will endeavor to negotiate a suitable end to all complaints. If the complaint is verbal, the complainant will be invited to make it in writing and time be allowed for this.

If the complaint is about a member of staff, please follow the above listed procedures; the complaint, after receipt, will be investigated, in the first instance, by the staff member's Line Manager. The response will indicate that if they are still not satisfied, the complainant can ask for their complaint to be considered by Directors. If the complaint is in-house please report this to the Line Manager, or with the Directors.

We are committed to reviewing our policy and procedures annually. This policy was last reviewed in January 2024.