Freddy Milne

Operations Team

Freddy brings experience from a variety of industries and roles to his position at Role Models, perfect for the ever-changing, day-to-day demands in Operations.

Freddy Milne

After graduating from the University of Sussex in 2019, Freddy spent two years living and working in Canada. He’s also spent time as an adult living in Germany, Sweden, China and the USA, but is thrilled to be back now where he grew up and will always call home – Southeast London. Freddy credits his experiences outside of formal education with playing an essential role in his growth as a thinker, learner and listener, and is delighted by the opportunities Role Models can offer children around the world.

Freddy is a huge sports fan, with a particular passion for football and basketball. He concedes his athletic talent fails to match his eagerness but makes sure to play a few days a week, regardless. Freddy’s regular injuries allow him to indulge in other hobbies including reading, cinema and talking to whoever is willing to listen to him about the greatest reality show in television history... Survivor.

Freddy’s role model is Ian Wright; a man quick to laugh, unafraid to cry and an advocate for those whose voices may not carry so far as his own.

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