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Mental Health Week 2022
For Mental Health Week we collaborated with experts in sleep, nutrition, fitness and digital wellbeing. These trusted advisors have each shared simple and actionable tips for supporting your children in these areas.
Supporting your child with loneliness - Mental Health Awareness Week 2022
The theme of this year’s Mental Health Week is ‘Loneliness’. It comes off the back of a very strange couple of years where we have been more isolated than ever before. Whist some people not only like, but seek solitude, others can experience great sadness when feeling disconnected and alone.
How to manage perfectionism: 4 ways to stop it taking hold
Is your child under the grips of perfectionism? Are they held back by their perfectionist tendencies and are you struggling to find a way to free them? For many, there are some positive attributes associated with being a perfectionist
How can I develop my child's empathy?
Although empathy is partly based on our nature and biology, it’s also hugely impacted by our learning experiences and develops as we mature
Meta Prep: Is character education important?
The Ofsted framework in 2019 outlined recommendations for schools about the importance of character development.
5 ways to help your child problem solve
Being able to problem solve is an essential life skill. This skill will prepare your child to tackle problems and respond to setbacks
3 ways to support a competitive child
Here are three ideas to consider when supporting your child with an overly competitive approach
What is a modern day education
A true education is one that enables a child to fulfil their own, unique potential, both in school and beyond
The anxiety toolkit
When you notice your child might be struggling with something, as a parent you pull upon the resources around you to support them; whether it’s help to address their physical health, support from school with their academic progress or input to help them develop a specific skill. When it’s emotional wellbeing they’re struggling with, it can be much harder to know where to start.
How to raise an emotionally intelligent child
Raising an emotionally intelligent child isn't always top of the agenda as a parent but teaching kids emotional intelligence has a multitude of benefits and can make a significant difference to a child's development, well-being, resilience, ability to form relationships and succeed in the workplace.
Career guidance for kids
It is common knowledge nowadays that just having a job is not enough. Even a stable, well-paying job can only get you so far in life. Building a career brings many benefits. An increasing paycheck, opportunities an average worker does not have access to, fulfilment from work, to name a few. While building a career is an “adult” endeavour, it is crucial to start early. There are ways in which you can help your child develop fundamental skills and character traits necessary for success in life.
The Parent Practice's Elaine Halligan on "How do you deal with your child's lies?"
Recent events have really focussed my mind on the fact that everyone lies and on a given day, studies show that you may be lied to anywhere from 10 to 200 times. Lying and deception is a deeply engrained evolutionary fact and we can all recount examples of those in public life telling us something, that we didn’t quite buy into.

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