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Bullying: What can I do as a parent?

We live in a technological world. Today, bullying isn’t just limited to the school playground or clubs where there is an obvious face to the bullying. In a world where half of all nine-year-olds in the UK own a smartphone, this online bullying is not only with them 24/7 but can also sometimes be anonymous, they often do not even know who they are being bullied by.

role model and child talking

What can we do as parents, to help our children?

  • Be calm
  • Listen
  • Reassure
  • Raise their confidence
  • Get advice

Be calm

In some ways this will be one of the hardest things for you as a parent. When you know that your own child is going through something so difficult, our emotions sometimes get the better of us. The best thing you can do is to stay calm. Don’t let them be worried about your reaction or what you might do. Remember this is about them and how you can help support them.


Be available for them. Listen to what they have to say without asking too many questions at first. Let them get it all out. For some children they will be happy to talk to you, for others they may find this difficult. Let them know that there are other ways to communicate; they can draw a picture or write it down and pass it to you. Whichever way they chose to communicate, the important thing is to listen. Give them time and your full attention. If you are in the middle of something that can be stopped then let them know when you will be available.


They have been brave in telling you what they are going through. Reassure them that they have done the right thing in sharing this and you will help them.

Raise their confidence

When children are bullied, their confidence can be affected. Find an interest that they enjoy, take them to the park, skating, anything that will help them feel good about themselves.

Get Advice

If the bullying is happening at school, speak to the school. Ask for their behaviour policy (it should be on their website), go with notes and dates of when incidents have occurred. Be prepared for the meeting.

Remember to consult with your GP who can signpost you to professional help. Childline, NSPCC, Anti-Bullying Alliance are also great sources of information.

Reach out to us if like to understand how we can support you and your child.


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