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A Day on a Custom Course

Our customised courses are great because not only do they teach children important life skills but it gives them an opportunity to go ahead and actually apply them in the real world outside of the ‘classroom’. So if you're in need of summer plans that will both entertain and engage your children, Role Models customised courses might be the perfect solution!

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Hear from one of our custom course Role Models

We spoke with one of our amazing Role Models Abi who answers some of the most frequent questions we get asked about our customised courses.

Abi is passionate about creating fun and safe learning environments for young people! She is a strong advocate for life skills and enjoys working with families on a one-to-one basis as she is able to see how the children develop in their confidence as well as many other life skill areas!

What are customised courses?

Customised courses are just life skills applied! They provide an amazing opportunity for young people to learn new skills and then actually apply them to everyday situations!

What do you enjoy most about teaching custom courses?

It’s always wonderful to watch the learners grow over the week. Working with them 1-1 means we build up such a great rapport and with steady encouragement and kindness, the learner’s confidence can really develop so much. It’s also heaps of fun to go on day trips with the learners, exploring their interests and challenging them too!

Can you tell us about an experience you've had working closely with a family in London on a custom course?

A year or so back, I worked with a wonderful learner whose week was tailored mostly to self-esteem, confidence and leadership. The aim of our trips was to empower the learner to be independent, speak up for themselves and take risks. I think one of our most exciting days was going to the Victoria & Albert exhibition to see the Alice In Wonderland exhibition. The learner was really interested in literature so it was an amazing experience for them to learn about something they love.

What does a typical day on a custom course look like?

Usually, the day is split into two sections. One part of the day will revolve around learning new skills through sessions that the Role Model will run. The other part will be about embedding those skills and empowering the learner to use those skills through activity. For example, in the morning we could look at effective communication and leadership language and then in the afternoon visit an escape room. Being able to cement skills directly after learning them is so effective as it allows the learner such a great sense of achievement. Building this inner-confidence enables them to continue to take these kinds of challenges in their stride!

In your experience, what do kids love about custom courses?

I think they really find the 1-1 relationship very valuable. Especially for learners who are lacking in confidence, having someone there to reassure and encourage them can do wonders for their self-esteem and confidence. They also really love the hands-on nature of it. Whilst our holiday courses are incredibly active, all the activities are set within a classroom/playground. However, with custom courses, learners can get out into the world and challenge themselves in an authentic way, all whilst having heaps of fun!

Would you like to find out more...

Our Head of Character Education, Louise Treherne can develop a tailored package specifically to support your child/group of children.

An example day might look like:

  • 2 hours of activities in the morning, delivered by a Role Model in your home
  • After lunch, a three hour excursion into London to try out some of the skills learnt!

Guide price is £650 per day for child 1 and then £250 for each child after this. This price can vary depending on your requirements. Get your proposal today:

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For further information email our team at info@rolemodels.me or give us a call +44 (0) 20 3637 7107

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