Our book recommendations:

Each of these have been hand picked by our education team

Feelings: Inside my heart and in my head

Written by Libby Walden

A wonderful opportunity to discuss feelings with children, what they mean and how to express them.

Inside feelings

Happy Healthy Minds

Written by The School of Life

Our minds are beautifully complicated and brilliant machines. For much of our lives, these machines run efficiently with minimal maintenance. However, just like our other organs, they do require some proper attention every now and then and recognising this at an early age can help as children progress into adulthood.

Happy healthy minds

The Power of Showing Up

Written by Daniel J Siegel

Based on the latest brain and attachment research, The Power of Showing Up shares stories, scripts, simple strategies, illustrations, and tips for when our kids are struggling or when they’re enjoying success; when we’re consoling, disciplining, or arguing with them; and even when we’re apologising for the times we haven’t shown up for them. Demonstrating that it’s never too late to correct mistakes and mend broken trust, this is a powerful guide to cultivating your child’s healthy emotional landscape.

The power of showing up

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