Encouraging your child to step outside their comfort zone

Stepping outside their comfort zone

Developing your child’s life skills is an ongoing commitment. If you’ve noticed a specific area they are struggling with it’s unlikely to be ‘fixed’ by a one off session alone.

Our weekly Master Class offers the opportunity to embed and build a range of essential life skills.

If your child is struggling to step outside their comfort zone for example, it’s helpful to not only teach them about this specific topic but also provide opportunities for them to regularly apply it, within leadership, teamwork and creative problem solving.

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As a Masterclass member your child gets:

  • Access to a minimum of 12 unique 60 minute online group sessions each month
  • Sessions run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday morning
  • Each session will cover one of our four life skills; leadership, resilience, collaboration or creative problem solving
  • Post session email from the facilitator recapping the learning and advice to help embed the learning
  • Cancel anytime
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