Internal Policy Notes

Tipping point for using a CC Role Model if we cannot get a volunteer;

(UK Courses only)

  • Brilliant Me = 8
  • Life Skills = 12
  • Where ‘8’ means, if we get an 8th booking we MUST have either a volunteer or a CC Role Model
  • Internationally we will always have either a volunteer or an Operations person on the ground


  • Will be invited to attend the training day (but not compulsory)
  • In the UK they must have a DBS, a reference and a Role Models profile in Podio
  • International volunteers we will have a Zoom call with them for selection and to outline the call
  • See table below for what we will provide volunteers with





Training day



Dinner out with Lead and Course Role Models


  • Desirable for the Project Director to be first aid trained
  • Desirable for the Lead Course Role Model to be a qualified teacher
  • NOTE – required at Chelsea Academy to have both a qualified teacher and a first aider on site
  • Project Directors (and Lead Course Role Models if they want to) to attend a workshop with the Head of Character of Education, once each year
  • PD will be assigned in the following situations:
    • It is a new venue and the Role Model is on their own on day 1 (by on their own we mean no member of staff from RM HQ present)
    • If there are 2 or more groups in one venue, under any circumstance (regardless of if it is a new venue or not, regardless if someone from RM HQ is there


  • We will aim to have a member of RM HQ present for any new venue, whether an experienced role model or not, as then we would not have to make them project director if there is just one group at venue