Internal Policy Notes


  • Will attend an online interview and online training
  • In the UK they must have a DBS
  • We will provide all volunteers with a certificate and a reference. We will also cover the travel and lunch expenses at up to £25/day.


  • Desirable for the Project Director to be first aid trained
  • Desirable for the Lead Course Role Model to be a qualified teacher
  • NOTE – required at Chelsea Academy to have both a qualified teacher and a first aider on site
  • PD will be assigned in the following situations:
    • It is a new venue and the Role Model is on their own on day 1 (by on their own we mean no member of staff from RM HQ present)
    • If there are 2 or more groups in one venue, under any circumstance (regardless of if it is a new venue or not, regardless if someone from RM HQ is there


  • We will aim to have a member of RM HQ present on day 1 at every course. If we do not have enough staff, the only time we are happy to not have someone at the venue on day 1 is if it is a venue we have used before and an experienced Role Model.

We are committed to reviewing our policy and procedures annually. This policy was last reviewed in January 2023.