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Our Masterclass has over 40 different sessions that link to leadership, resilience, collaboration and creative problem-solving.

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These sessions are great for helping to build a positive mindset and learning how to handle mistakes. We recommend this kind of session to anyone that:

  • Can be reluctant to try new things
  • Show traits of perfectionism
  • Worry about making mistakes
  • Can have a negative mindset


These sessions are great for exploring everyday leadership, helping children reflect on thier strengths and how to impact others. These sessions are good support for children who

  • Lack confidence in leading others
  • Need help seeing their strengths
  • Sometimes get overwhelmed with big emotions

Creative Problem Solving

These sessions help develop innovation and independent thinking, they support children who:

  • Limit their creative thinking for fear of being wrong
  • Find it hard to solve problems
  • Lack practice in strategising


These sessions help build confidence and an understanding of how to communicate effectively. These are for children who:

  • Can be shy in certain situations
  • Could develop their teamwork and listening
  • Are anxious about public speaking

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Life Skills Masterclass

Our life skills Masterclass incorporates all these different topics in a flexible timetable that allows you to pick and choose the sessions, dates and times that work best for you and your child.

78% of parents believe that school alone is not enough to educate our children on how to manage their social and emotional wellbeing.

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Sessions every Tuesday and Wednesday afterschool and Sunday mornings.

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