Role Models TOIL Policy

TOIL is defined as: "time off which you are allowed to take, instead of overtime pay, for hours worked beyond an employee's contracted hours". This policy does not form part of an employee's contract of employment and may be reviewed and revised from time to time in line with current best practice and statutory requirements and to ensure that business needs are met.

Key principles:

  1. Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) is recompensed to employees when they are required to work significantly over the normal requirements of their role, as Role Models has a duty of care to all staff for their well being.
  2. Employees are required to work the full hours listed in their employment contracts as a minimum each week prior to being eligible for TOIL.
  3. From time to time, it may become necessary for some members of staff to work significantly more hours/days than their contract indicates due to workloads, the needs of a project and/or individual performance.
  4. TOIL is an exceptional rather than a routine occurrence.

Taking TOIL

  1. All TOIL requests must be submitted to the Hugo for the time being.
  2. TOIL is not awarded for unplanned week to week discrepancies in working hours.
  3. A typical staff contract states a working day as 09:00-18:00 with an hour for breaks, Monday to Friday.
  4. TOIL is awarded for working at least 0.5 additional day(s) outside of contracted work days (e.g. Saturdays and Sundays for a typical office employee contract)
  5. TOIL will not be added retrospectively to an employee’s annual leave entitlement. TOIL should not be viewed as additional annual leave, and cannot be brought forward from previous holiday years.
  6. If an employee believes they may be eligible for TOIL, they should request the corresponding period off work through Hugo before the additional work (outside of contracted work days) takes place.
  7. TOIL is only eligible to claim within 14 days of the corresponding additional hours/days worked. This is to encourage all staff to get the rest and recovery that they require to stay fit and healthy, and not to artificially increase annual leave allowances.
  8. The TOIL must be taken within 14 days, unless this has been approved by Hugo due to immediate work constraints.

We are committed to reviewing our policy and procedures annually. This policy was last reviewed in January 2024.