Course information for parents

Actions for Parents:

  • Pre-Course Form: It is really important for us to have emergency contact details and information on your child’s allergies/intolerances and any additional needs. Please make sure you have filled this in. You can find it by logging into your parent dashboard on our website.
  • Written permission: We require written (email) permission in the following circumstances:
    • To administer any medicine to your child, including medicine which the child is permitted to self-administer
    • To allow your child to leave the premises on their own
    • To allow your child to leave the premises with another parent/carer

Points to remember:

  • We do not provide lunch, so please provide your child with a snack, a packed lunch and a water bottle (there is drinking water on site). Lunches should be nut free.
  • There will activities each day, so please have your child wear trainers or something suitable for running around. We also recommend bringing a raincoat in case it is raining.
  • For all booking-related enquiries and any enquiries in the lead up to/ following the course, please contact the main office on or +44 (0)20 3637 7107.
  • If you are running late or for any urgent enquiries during the week of the course, please contact us on the number provided in the pre-course email.


  • You’ll receive an email each evening from the course Role Model explaining what was covered during the day.
  • Teachers will be on hand at the end of each day if you’d like a quick face-to-face chat with them, more time will be allowed for this at 3pm on the last day of the course.
  • A week after the course has ended, you will be sent a detailed report on your child.
  • You will be sent a range of follow-up strategies and tips over the weeks following.