Guidance for Role Models when delivering Masterclass sessions

For Podio Masterclass Session Training please watch this video.

For how to upload timesheets please watch this video.. Please note that for Masterclass sessions, the post session portal will offer the option of creating a timesheet for you, meaning you do not need to follow the steps in this video.

General Online Sessions Guidance

  1. Once you have committed to a session, please deliver. Unless it is due to exceptional circumstances, you cannot pull out of a session. If you do need to take yourself off of a session then you must tell the RM’s HQ team and we will arrange this.
  2. You are responsible to keep your own schedule of online sessions up to date. In Podio you are responsible for adding/removing yourself and the covering Role Model.
  3. Role Models HQ cancels all sessions which have 0 children enrolled on them, 24 hours before.
  4. If you experience technical problems on your end, then you are still expected to run the full hour from when you are able to start the session. If the internet is bad enough to cause the session to not go ahead, the Role Models HQ team will reschedule it with the parents. You will not be paid for this session. If you have any internet trouble, you must email the RM HQ team with what you will do to resolve the situation before your next session as well as a back-up plan for if it still fails. This should be emailed within 2 hours of the troubled session. If your internet is poor again then you will be docked ‘1’ from your operational score.
  5. If you experience technical problems that are a result of the Role Models HQ end, then we would ask you (if possible) to make the extra time up and run for a full hour. If this ends up being >10 mins extra then you can add this pro-rata to your timesheet.
  6. If none of your learners show up, please remain at your laptop for 15minutes. After this, please keep the meeting open and regularly check it in case they join much later. You can submit a timesheet for this session. Please note the no-shows on Podio as explained in the sessions workspace training video.
  7. If you only have one learner and they are late then you only need run to the end of the scheduled time.
  8. You must always go for the full duration of the session; please do not finish early, even by a few minutes, as parents expect the full session they have paid for.
  9. If you have a child trying to enter the session who is not on the register, please use the Zoom chat function to check it is not the parent of one of the children before removing them.
  10. If someone has joined with no camera and no audio on then unless we have heard from the parent to expect this, then please remove them from the session.

Any questions, concerns or issues, please raise on the Whatsapp group.