Job Description for In-Person Role Model

Course Role Model

You will lead your own group of up to 24 children, delivering the content of the course. This involves leading discussions, delivering content, facilitating games and challenges with the children, and helping them to develop their skills. You will be responsible for the progress and development of the children in your group. You will complete a written report for each child and provide verbal feedback to parents. An enhanced DBS check is required to become a Role Model and job offers are subject to this being obtained.

Detailed job specifics;

  • Watch online training videos on our content and attend an online zoom meeting to be talked through logistics and safeguarding. You may also need to complete a paediatric first aid course.
  • Arrive on site by 8:30am on day one of the course and by 9:30am on the following days. You may be asked to facilitate early drop off in which case you would need to arrive by 8.15am every day. There is additional pay for this.
  • Organise your own resources and room layout
  • Lead a group of up to 24 children in the content of the course
  • Be responsible for the behaviour, safety and welfare of all children in your group (including breaks and lunchtime)
  • Be responsible for knowing information on allergies, medical needs, photograph permission and any other info relating to the needs of the children in your group
  • Be responsible for making sure photograph permission is known and followed by all staff (RMs and volunteers)
  • If you have a volunteer working with you, direct, support and manage their role. Write a reference for them at the end of the course
  • Be responsible for updating the register everyday
  • Write a daily email summary for parents (for all groups across the course) to be sent by 5pm each day. These should be detailed, engaging, different every day and include a range of good quality photos (ensuring only children allowed to be photographed are in them). You will need to send this email to the Course Role Models to send to their group. Between 5 and 8, good quality, photos of your group to be included on each daily email
  • Complete a written report for each child in your group. Reports should be positive and constructive in tone and based on individualised feedback and anecdotal comments on their progress. You should also attach an individual photo of each child with their certificate. They should be completed by 5pm, two days after the course has finished. An example report will be shown to you during training. If your reports do not match these criteria, we reserve the right to delay your payment
  • Input the data (into an excel spreadsheet) from all start/end of course measure sheets, by 48 hours after the end of the course
  • Give verbal feedback to parents throughout the course
  • Act as a Role Model at all times! Embody the types of life skills we are developing in the children; positive communication skills, empathy, be presentable, engaging, polite, and able to collaborate effectively
  • Take responsibility to remove all pictures from your device at the end of the course. This will also form part of your contract.

Project Director Role Model

(The need for this role is decided at the discretion of the Character Education Team, based on numbers and size of project)

You will be a Course Role Model (responsibilities outlined above) with the additional responsibility of overseeing the entire project. This includes leading, managing and supporting the whole team of Course Role Models. You will present yourself as the overall director of the project to the children, parents and other Role Models. You will be the main point of contact for the Role Models office and be the ‘eyes and ears’ of the project. You are ultimately responsible for the running of this project. An enhanced DBS check is required to become a Role Model and job offers are subject to this being obtained.

Detailed job specifics (including all listed for Lead Course Role Model)

  • Act as a manager to ALL other Role Models staff and volunteers
  • Be in charge of the Role Models phone (including taking it home each evening)
  • Direct Course Role Models to respond to any relevant emails that come into
  • Take responsibility for the expenses card if international course and managing the team budget for food/travel
  • Coordinate who is staffing early drop off amongst the Course Role Models (UK only)
  • Coordinate lunch time breaks amongst all staff
  • Oversee the smooth running of lunchtime (staff being vigilant, health and safety)
  • Oversee the return of all resources to the Role Models offices at the end of the project
  • Be in charge of any key card etc given to us by the venue
  • Be the main point of contact with the Role Models office
  • Make it your business to know everything that is going on throughout the project! This includes being aware of any accidents, first aid given, accidents forms being written up, medication being administered (with parent permission), safeguarding issues, pastoral issues, parent complaints
  • Manage the Course Role Models and give feedback and support where needed
  • Chat to all volunteers before start of the course and talk them through role responsibilities
  • Report back to Head of Character Education on the project, including staff performance/competency
  • Demonstrate flexibility, initiative and problem solving skills (taking the lead in response to inevitable challenges and problems)