Job Description for Online Role Model

Who We Are

Role Models is an impact driven education provider. We focus on life skills that promote social & emotional wellbeing and dynamic thinking, helping young people to thrive in life; both at home and their future workplace.

We complement traditional academic education by delivering live, group, online & offline courses for 3-15 year olds that develop young peoples’ skills in leadership, confidence, resilience, creative problem solving, collaboration and growth mindset.

Online Role Model

Each session (whether part of a course or individual) you will lead your own group of up to 9 children, online using Zoom. This involves delivering content, leading discussions, facilitating challenges with the children, and helping them to develop their skills. You will be responsible for the progress and development of the children in your group.

Detailed job specifics;

  • Watch pre-recorded training videos on how to use Zoom, our online system Podio and other general information
  • Watch training video for the specific course or session you’re delivering
  • Check information on Podio on the children in your group and their needs
  • Lead a group of up to 9 children in the content of the session
  • Be ready to start the session at least 5 minutes early
  • Write a summary email on Podio for parents, to be sent by 1 hr after your session (1 email to all parents). These should be detailed, engaging and different after each session. For Courses, you will be given access to Top Tips and attachments that need to be included. We may ask you to write 2/3 feedback sentences on a specific child as well.
  • Be responsible for the behaviour and welfare of all children in your group
  • You may be asked for some feedback to questions we receive from parents
  • Act as a Role Model at all times! Embody the types of life skills we are developing in the children; positive communication skills, empathy, be presentable, engaging, polite, and able to collaborate effectively