Job Description for Residentials

This will need updating if we do another residential course.


You will lead your own group of up to 15 children, delivering the content of the life skills sessions and leading on afternoon/evening activities. This involves leading discussions, delivering content, facilitating games and challenges with the children, and helping them to develop their skills. You will be responsible for the progress and development of the children in your group. You will complete a written report for each child and provide verbal feedback to parents.

Detailed job specifics;

  • Attend 2 training days at Role Models offices
  • Arrive on site by 9.30am the day before the residential starts
  • Organise your own resources and room layout
  • Lead a group of 15 children in the life skills sessions
  • If you have a volunteer working with you, direct, support and manage their role
  • Complete a written report for each child in your group, based on individualised feedback and anecdotal comments on their progress. Attach individual photos of certificate ceremony.
  • Provide a written reference for any volunteers working with you, if relevant
  • Give verbal feedback to parents at the end of the course
  • Be responsible for the behaviour, safety and welfare of all children in your life skills group and your pastoral group. This includes during sessions, excursions and over night.
  • Ensure the letters written by all children across the course have been safely labelled and returned to the office (with the resources). Internationally = ensure all letters have been clearly scanned (individually) and uploaded/attached to each child’s report.
  • Be responsible for knowing information on allergies, medical needs, photograph permission and any other info relating to the needs of the children in your groups
  • Act as a Role Model at all times! Embody the types of life skills we are developing in the children; positive communication skills, empathy, be presentable, engaging, polite, and able to collaborate effectively
  • Take responsibility to remove all pictures from your personal device at the end of the course (If permission given to use personal phone to take photos of the children)


Although it is unlikely that you will have your own group of children for life skills sessions delivery, in a situation where you do, you will follow the same responsibilities listed above. In addition to this you are the Role Model who has overall responsibility for the residential project being delivered. You will manage the other Course Role Models working on this project, ensuring consistency across the groups, as well as suppliers, parents and school support staff.

Detailed job specifics


  • Attending an adhoc pre-arranged site visit with Role Models HQ around 6 weeks before the project
  • Demonstrate flexibility, initiative and problem solving skills (taking the lead in response to inevitable challenges and problems)
  • Make it your business to know everything that is going on throughout the project! This includes being aware of any accidents, first aid given, accidents forms being written up, medication being administered (with parent permission), safeguarding issues, pastoral issues, parent complaints
  • Communicating to Role Models HQ with any issues

Supporting colleagues;

  • Lead the evening Team Meeting during which any logistical plans for the following day are discussed eg coach times, children trips to doctors etc. You must know where everyone is meant to be and at what time, and ensure the other Role Models do too.
  • Support Course Role Models with behaviour management strategies and adapting content
  • Making sure staff breaks are adhered to and oversee Role Models general wellbeing
  • Generally manage Course Role Models, giving feedback and support where necessary
  • Take a lead on overseeing and supporting any volunteers who may be working during the project (and where necessary, lead a short briefing on safeguarding and expectations for the project)


  • Leading the tour of the school (and or training Course Role Models to also deliver tour)
  • Take an active lead on delivering assemblies and start/end of day/programme discussions
  • Supporting in the delivery of course content and/or the facilitation of afternoon/evening activities
  • Organise how the children on the residential will be split and grouped (if applicable)
  • Take the lead on evening activities including the planning, set up and delivery
  • Write a daily email summary for parents (for all groups across the course) to be sent by 7pm each day. These should be detailed, engaging, different every day and include a range of good quality photos (ensuring only children allowed to be photographed are in them). At least 8 photos to be included on each daily email.
  • Reviewing and proof reading all reports written by Course Role Models


  • Be in charge of the Role Models phone
  • Respond to any emails that come into, cc and
  • Be in charge of any key card/keys etc given to us by the venue and make sure that all staff know the codes for entry to different facilities
  • Be responsible for updating the register in Podio everyday and marking attendees as green/amber/red at the end of the course
  • Liaising with venue staff re any issues or changes
  • Organising the laundry servicing/collecting within the boarding house
  • Double checking excursion bookings and liaising with coach drivers to ensure they know where to go
  • Meeting with 3rd parties eg. Speakers, photographer
  • Picking up additional supplies needed by staff / children for the course
  • Oversee the packing up of all resources at the end of the project to be returned to the Role Models office.

Health and Safety;

  • Manage any adhoc/unforeseen issues that arise during the project eg, child illness, staff illness, home sickness, behaviour issues etc
  • Communicating with parents over any changes of plan/issues eg illnesses
  • Be responsible for making sure all info on allergies/medical needs of the children is known and followed by all staff (RMs and volunteers)
  • Ensuring all incidents/accidents are recorded
  • Taking people to the doctors if required
  • Be responsible for making sure photograph permission is known and followed by all staff (RMs and volunteers)
  • Remind all Course Role Models the policy on deleting photos from their personal devices


  • Capturing lessons learnt during the course to allow for improvements in future and attending a post course meeting at Role Models HQ to debrief on the project.