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5 tips to help your child before a stage performance

As we approach the festive season, it’s also time for the school performance. There is nothing sweeter than watching your child perform on stage, even if they are third Snowman from the right. For some children, they relish the opportunity to sing their hearts out in front of as many people as possible. For others however, it can be a source of worry.

We spoke to actress and mother Bridget Hodson on her 5 tips to help your child feel happy, confident, and prepared for their shining moment on stage.

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  1. Let’s get excited - Make sure children are completely happy and excited about their costumes. It can distract from the nerves.
  2. Practise and repeat - Have fun practicing lines (if any) before. Tell your child that you will be saying the lines with them at the same time in the audience, so they don’t feel so exposed.
  3. Demonstrate success - Tell them a story you might know of someone who was nervous but overcame their worry by being brave and having a go anyway. Maybe it was you when you were little. Embellish a little perhaps!!
  4. Breathing techniques. In through the nose for 4- hold for 4- out through the mouth for 4. Repeat.
  5. Nerves are ok. Speak to your child and explain its ok to feel nervous, everyone does. Instead of saying ‘you’ll be fine’ try something like ‘I’m sure the other children feel nervous too, let’s make sure you feel nice and ready’

Finally…remember however the performance goes make sure you shower them with praise post performance. Be explicit about how they overcame their anxieties. Processing these achievements with your child will support them in handling the next situation in which they are reluctant to face their fears. Here’s to a happy festive season building wonderful memoires for all the family.

If you have any specific questions please do contact one of the Role Models team, we’re always happy to chat on info@rolemodels.me.

We also have a fantastic range of online sessions to support your child and help them develop their confidence.

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