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Career guidance for kids

This blog post was written by the Education team at Jooble


It is common knowledge nowadays that just having a job is not enough. Even a stable, well-paying job can only get you so far in life. Building a career brings many benefits. An increasing paycheck, opportunities an average worker does not have access to, fulfilment from work, to name a few. While building a career is an “adult” endeavour, it is crucial to start early. There are ways in which you can help your [Link href="https://www.rolemodels.me/news/the-most-important-social-skills-for-kids/" text="child develop fundamental skills] and character traits necessary for success in life.


It is important to educate children as much as possible. In the modern era, specific knowledge is not as essential due to the widespread use of the internet. Yet problem-solving skills are worth focusing on and become the new erudition. Games are perfect for developing such skills, especially at a young age as children play a lot and this is the easiest way to convey information.

The second most important skill is the ability to learn itself. It includes meta-skills such as planning, breaking complex problems into smaller chunks, etc. These skills are not always taught in schools or universities but are vital for performance later in life. A good way to get started in these is to build a habit of writing down homework early in school, along with mundane tasks. This can start as a game, with pretty stationery and small rewards along the way.

Character traits

Certain character traits correlate with success more than others. It is well-known that playing in a team is important. The same goes for the [Link href="https://www.rolemodels.me/info/leadership/" text="leadership] within it. Try team games or sports, and see if your child likes them. They help to build problem-solving skills, promote leadership, and are good for physical health.

Another skill that becomes a literal superpower in the twenty-first century is [Link href="https://www.rolemodels.me/info/resilience/" text="resilience]. Very few people can stay consistent in the modern world, full of overstimulation and instant gratification. There are many ways to [Link href="https://www.rolemodels.me/info/resilience/" text="build resilience], and the easiest one is to learn something over the long term. Try to interest your child in playing a musical instrument, painting, or another skill that needs a long-term, consistent effort.

Another important character trait is [Link href="https://www.rolemodels.me/info/confidence/" text="self-confidence], which so many young people lack. Public speaking is the easiest way to build this trait, but there are often few activities in the early years of school that allow for that. Theatre or dance classes work very well. While your child may not become a world-class performer, they will get accustomed to performing on scene. And this is always valuable in any career.


The fundamental knowledge about careers and jobs is also crucial. It gives the foundation for further decisions and comprehension. Talk to your child about work: why and how people do it, how and [Link href="https://uk.jooble.org/" text="where they search for work], and how it impacts everyone’s lives. Get them to your workplace, if possible, and show them the process and what the company does. Try to ask friends and family members to show their workplaces as well. Give them some context and a frame of reference.

Explain how all the jobs depend on each other and are essential. Avoid the one-sighted view and encourage learning. The child’s curiosity will do the rest.

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